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[FEATURE REQUEST] Add shortcut keys for tools in the image editor

Have you thought about adding keys to quick pick tools in the image editor? I use ShareX on Windows and it has keys that speed things up a lot in the image editor. Type A to switch to Arrow, L for Line, R for Rectangle, etc. : https://getsharex.com/docs/keybinds#tools

You might not think about it, but it does take like 5 seconds to look up at the toolbar, find the tool you want, and go click it vs just typing A or R. No Ctrl+ because you're already in the image edit edit context -- just whack the key itself.

It'd be super cool to have those tool shortcut keys in Explain and Send Screenshots as well because it speeds up the workflow a lot. Ctrl+Shift+P and drag to chop a piece out, hit A or R to pick a tool and draw, then Ctrl + C to copy out.


  • Already have some ;) Hit the "?" key to see the list and let me know what adjustments can be made, I could add the circle and rectangle keys.

  • Ahh, I should have known you'd already have something for that! :-D

    Looks like you have (A)rrow and (T)ext... I'd suggest adding more for other common tools, at least the following:







    (C)rop image


    And any other tools that are common. As well, it'd be useful to have hover tooltips for all tools (not just the confusing ones) and have the tips include the shortcut key so they're easily discoverable.

  • Great suggestions and nice screenshot, I'll queue it for development thanks.

  • Good news v15.0 has more shortcut keys.

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