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Email synchronization very slow when the real time option is checked


I have the option to synchronize emails in real time and it has been approximately 3 days since email synchronization has been very slow.

Before this, synchronization was practically immediate, but now it is taking a long time for Checker Plus to notify you that a new email has arrived. I had to change the option to 30 seconds which is working fine.

But why doesn't real-time synchronization work like it always did?

Thank you for your attention


  • What's the response time approximately?

    Have you tried restarting the browser, sometimes that jump starts it.

  • Approximately 8 to 10 minutes. I already tried restarting Chrome but it didn't help. If I choose every 30 secs. the email arrives in approximately 50 secs.

  • Ok have you tried removing and re-adding the account in checker plus?

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