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Slow/Sluggish Window Render Speed (Firefox)

Hello Jason

I recently switched to Firefox from Chrome and noticed that when you click on the Gmail Checker Button, the animation is sluggish compared to Chrome or other Firefox extension. There must be some kind of issue. It's not vital but it's always details that makes the difference 😉

Thank you !


  • Just so I understand we're talking about ~0.3s difference?

  • edited February 5

    not about how long it takes to load, it's about the smoothness of the animation. it seems small but it gives a bad first impression compared to a smooth animation like on Chrome or the uBlock extension.

  • Ok I'll queue this for investigation, I have noticed some explicit firefox related to this that might be culprit, for my own reference below:

        // firefox patch: polymer removes this autmoatically in Chrome, but not in Firefox when using polyfills


        document.body.setAttribute("resolved", "");

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