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Extension stops responding

This has been happening for a few weeks now. I don't get any error messages. When I click on the notification icon, it stays highlighted but never opens. Right clicking and opening options just spins forever. The only solution I have found after several hours of poking around is to restart the browser. Even killing the process through the Chrome Task Manager and restarting the extension yields nothing. Suggestions for troubleshooting?


  • Have you tried reinstalling the extension.

  • I will try that next. Just got it working again so I'll try tomorrow

  • edited February 2

    Uninstalled today and it worked for a while but it did the same thing.

  • So you reinstalled the extension and still have the same issue?

    What Chrome version do you have?

    Have you played with Chrome flags?

  • Correct. Uninstalled. Restarted Chrome to be safe and then reinstalled it.

    Chrome is up to date

    Version 121.0.6167.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    I have played with them in the past, is there something specific you're looking for in flags?

    Also, I'm a full stack dev.

  • So from my general experience, power users tend to configure a lot of settings which end up interfering with software, can you try resetting the flags and disable other extensions.

  • IIRC, changed flags are listed at the top. I haven't changed any apparently. I tend to change less these days.

    We'll see how long I can function without some of these chrome extensions. This can take hours to validate.

  • I uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it.

    This require authenticating again, which I have done.

    So, I have reset all flags. It didn't appear that I had anything overridden anyways.

    I have tried running 0 extensions and it seems to work for a few hours, however, it also works for a few hours with all the extensions enabled.

    It seems to consistently stop working in the afternoon and once it does, it very quickly stops working again within 30 minutes of restarting Chrome.

    Is there any further debugging I can do?

    The 2 extensions I have a hard time working without that I keep re-enabling are LastPass and Clipboard History Pro if that rings any bells.

  • 1 other note if it matters. I do have an uncounted number of tabs open everyday across 3 windows.

  • Can you try creating a test Chrome profile with no syncing and no extensions installed except for checker plus.

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