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Recurring “Error Settings to large”

I keep getting “Error: Settings to [sic] large. If you need to replicate the settings you can take screenshots of the option pages and set them manually onto the other device.” This is also the message I get if I select the “SAVE OPTIONS” button on the options page. Every time I install the extension, I have to manually set all the settings.

It continued to occur after uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, and even on a fresh install of Windows 11 (and, necessarily, fresh install of Chrome), this keeps happening.


  • I assume this happens only if you try restoring your settings. When you reinstall and do no restore the settings does this still occur?

  • I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension again, didn't touch the “ADMIN” tab at all (just set my settings manually), and I still got that error notification.

  • Ok I'm looking into pushing a fix soon for this, is it possible your system's disk is almost full?

    or have you been customizing the extension with uploaded sounds or icons?

  • No, as I said, I just tried it on a fresh install of Windows, so I have plenty of drive space; and I only use sounds and icons from the existing menu of options (currently “Ding” and “Blue” respectively).

  • I wonder if there's some security measure, preventing writing to folders etc. that might be causing this.

  • I also kept getting error messages today.

  • @Jason I haven't written any extensions that store settings in a more complicated way than just saving to chrome.storage.sync, so I haven't had to worry about writing to folders, but that might explain why I am having issues syncing my settings with this extension and not others.

  • @maizi Ok I'm rolling out v25.0.6 with a fix for this it should go live in a day or so, thanks for the reporting it. @ZacharyYaro Note that it will just prevent the notification from appearing, but will not resolve the underlying issue. Do you possibly have many other extensions installed that might be filling up that sync space?

  • edited February 1

    @Jason My complaint isn't that the notification appears, but that the underlying issue is happening.

    I thought synced storage quota was per extension, but regardless, I don't think any of these store all that much(?) Many of them don't have options, and for the ones that do, I can't imagine why they would be stored as anything but booleans or short strings. (The blanked out ones are personal ones I obviously know don't store anything.)

  • Interesting, although the sheer amount of extensions you have does lead to possibly think they might be sharing this storage space. But only you could confirm this by either removing them slowly or creating a new test profile with only my extension.

  • I hadn't considered the possibility of extensions eating up each other's storage space, but now that I had reason to poke into it, I noticed myaccount.google.com/dashboard says I have 54 extensions, chrome.google.com/sync says I have 113, and obviously chrome://extensions says I only have 30 (including ones I have disabled), so that does suggest deleted extensions may still be eating up some of that quota.

    Do you know whether there is a way to specifically delete extension data from Chrome sync without wiping everything?

    Also, as I said, I confirmed other extensions with synced options still sync fine; does Checker Plus for Gmail store a particularly large amount of data? The only options I set similarly seem as though they would be boolean (checkbox) or short string (drop-down menu) values.

  • Hmm I wonder if all the items mentioned at chrome.google.com/sync

    Share the space, is there an unusually high number allocated to any item?

  • It doesn't list a breakdown or file size (that would be much more convenient!); just a total number of extensions.

    I tried retrieve it with Google Takeout , but apparently it won't let you view the contents of an encrypted Chrome profile with Takeout. It did, however, have 54 “Extensions” entries, and then 59 “Extension Settings” entries, which explains the discrepancy between the sites, and suggests extension settings are being saved for extensions I deleted.

    Again, though, I confirmed other extensions with synced options can still sync, so I am curious whether Checker Plus for Gmail stores a particularly large amount of data that would cause it alone to hit the quota?

  • So on mine only 22k is stored in the sync for the Gmail extension. You could see how much is held in your right now with the instructions below:

    Note that could vary if you customized specific settings including uploaded icons/sounds etc.

    1. Click the Chrome menu icon > More tools > Extensions
    2. Select Developer mode at the top right
    3. Find the extension and click the Inspect views: service worker
    4. Select the Console tab

    Then execute this line at the bottom:

    await chrome.storage.sync.getBytesInUse()

  • Right now, I get 0 bytes from Checker Plus for Gmail, which makes sense if storing settings keeps failing.

    I checked all my other installed extensions (using `chrome.storage.sync.getBytesInUse(null, (bytes) => console.log(bytes))` for MV2 ones) and totaled them, getting 317 bytes across all extensions (highest individual being 83 bytes), and 4,656 bytes across Chrome OS packaged apps (highest individual being 3,103 bytes), so 22 KB would put it ahead of all those by a mile!

    Is there a way I can test Checker Plus for Gmail saving some subset of my settings to see whether that helps at all?

  • (Also responded to your email with this, but posting here as well in case it helps Maizi or anyone else looking into the issue:)

    My chrome.storage.sync.QUOTA_BYTES is 102,400, but my chrome.storage.sync.QUOTA_BYTES_PER_ITEM is 8,192 (both of which match Google's documentation).  So if too much of that 22 KB is in one item, it could be over that quota.  (Though if that is the case, I am confused how it works for anyone.)

  • edited February 2

    @maizi Good news all, version 25.0.6 is out with a fix for the error notification, @ZacharyYaro but not the underlying issue.

    You can force the update with: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    Note that the code breaks up the 22k into little bits of QUOTA_BYTES_PER_ITEM it's just that the total of them still exceeds the QUOTA_BYTES

  • edited February 7

    @Jason ok~

    But the other browser MAXTHON I use is not updated and keeps asking me to update the browser version.

  • @maizi

    This means this browser version hasn't received the latest API standards yet that are required for my extension to function. All Chromium based browsers at v120 should support getContexts: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/reference/api/runtime#method-getContexts

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