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Bug after update: only recent unread emails show

Hi everyone, after update to V 25.0.5 only 2 recent unread emails out of 10 are shown on the list.

Addon seems to know about those 10. Tried to refresh multiple times, open the Gmail inbox tab, restart both the extension and the browser, tried to find something related to this in settings.

Anyone has the same problem?


  • Can you try switching between auto-detect and manual add and let me know: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • Thanks for help, Jason.

    Switched from manual to auto - in auto mode all unread emails loaded.

    As I swtiched back in several seconds, the manual mode started to show some of the emails recieved before the update but not all of them.

  • edited January 30

    Ok if there are discrepancies in manual add still can you send me screenshots to compare these unread emails from checker vs gmail website

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