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Recent Tabs - New Chrome Saved Groups Impacting Shortcut Key Functionality

Recently started using the saved group functionality with the most recent Chrome update which has been great. However, it appears to be impacting the Recent Tabs extension. It allows me to toggle between most recent tabs if the tabs are not grouped AND the group is a saved group. It will also toggle OUT of a saved group to a non-grouped tab, but not allow me to toggle back INTO the saved group. Any advice on how to remedy this would be super helpful and I love both features and hope to make them both work!


  • Are you using method #1 ? With method 1 I just created a group and then used the shortcut key to toggle out of the group to non-group tab and it toggled back into the group afterwards.

  • Hi Jason, I am using method #1. I am able to toggle in and out of groups when the groups aren’t Saved Groups. However when they are Saved Groups I can only toggle out. Does that make sense?

  • oh yeah interesting, ok I confirm, what is a Saved group anyways, lol

  • I know, new to me, too! But pretty handy for switching between named windows with tab groups in them since the saved groups show as buttons in the bookmark bar on every window. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to test.

  • Found it, looks like a Chrome bug, it should get resolved by their team hopefully soon: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1500053

  • fyi star the issue on that link to prioritize it.

  • Done! Thanks so much for the quick help. Sent a contribution.

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