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Opening Checker in Edge Sidebar?

For reasons I will not get into right now (simply because I really don't want to debate the evils of Microsoft), I have switched to using Microsoft Edge almost exclusively as my browser. Surprisingly I have found it (at least for the time being) has improved my browser experience 100 fold (again for reasons I won't get into right now).

One extremely useful feature is its detachable sidebar into which open tabs can be pinned. My main phone is a Google Voice and having that tab pinned to the Edge sidebar has been incredibly helpful. Now I also have Gmail and Google Calendar also pinned. It is so much more convenient to have these tools on my desktop without the necessity of running Edge in full constantly. Unfortunately this means no longer using the Checker extensions along with their far superior features.

Today, I came upon an article describing how Edge extensions can be pinned to the sidebar using a variety of solutions that seem to me to be fairly easy to implement. This is the article:

Extensions in the Microsoft Edge sidebar - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Learn

Any chance you may consider including this capability in the Checker extensions?


  • Can you send me a screenshot so I understand the context and maybe where you'd like to see the extension

  • Ask and you shall receive! Clicking the three dots on the right sidebar allows for attaching or detaching it. If it's attached it closes with Edge. Detaching allow it to stay open on the desktop.

  • If I'm not mistaken I could use the modifications described in the article but it would be cool if it were included in updates. It doesn't appear to be very difficult to achieve.

  • Ok interesting, so I had looked at this previously but couldn't find an acceptable use case to develop it for, because I was wondering why would anyone use that long vertical space inside of the browser window instead of the non-intrusive button popup window. But if there is a detached ability away from the browser then perhaps I'll investigate it again. I know Chrome supports this same API, just haven't explored this "icon" appearing on the right.

  • Remember the Google desktop widget? I really missed that when it went away although it was rather wide. This one's pretty decent. I hope it sticks around for a while.

  • Of course it should be noted that the sidebar opens web pages differently than a normal tab, as if they've intentionally coded it to "perceive" how the page should be presented for optimal use. For example, most open in partial "slide out" windows that opens on top of the web page already opened in Edge, then slides out of the way when either minimize or the X is clicked restoring the main page from your tab on the left to full size. It does generate a sizing handle to the left.

    Minimizing seems to simply hide the window on a regular web page. X'ing it appears to close it entirely, necessitating a reload when clicked again. For Google Voice, if I close that window, I don't get notified of calls but if it is minimized I do. Sadly it's only a flag on the icon but it's better than nothing but I don't rely on sound or pop up notifications for that since my phone rings anyway.

    I'm not sure what it will do with your custom pop windows and notifications. Seems worth a try though. If it works and doesn't mess anything up (famous last words) it'll be a pretty cool feature IMHO.

  • If you do have video or screenshots of the ideal use case, share it here, or even of another extension doing this, then it'll help me when i get back to this thread.

  • edited January 30

    The shortcuts I have in the sidebar are all just tabs first opened in the sidebar then pinned. Right clicking a tab for a web page allows to open in sidebar. From there it can be pinned. Tabs opened from extensions I have do not have the "Open in sidebar" option unless they are coded to. That is, if I'm understanding the article correctly. It appears that extensions can also be coded to add an additional icon that displays in the dropdown list of extensions in the toolbar. None of my extensions are coded with the feature so I can't show you what that looks like. That is displayed in the above article.

    The top four icons are what comes already loaded in the sidebar.

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