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Incomplete unread email list

I've been a fan of your "Checker Plus for Gmail" extension since 2019 and truly appreciate your work. However, after the recent update to version 25.0.5, I encountered an issue. The extension's icon is inaccurately displaying the number of unread emails. It initially showed 0 unread emails when there were actually 7, as confirmed in the attached image.

I tried restarting my browser, my PC, and updating accounts within the extension's settings, but the issue remained. Even after reinstalling the extension, the unread email count fluctuates incorrectly between 2 and 7.

Could you please advise if there's a new setting to adjust or a fix for this inconsistency?

Thank you for your continued excellence in developing this extension.


  • I believe this is related to the monitoring of the Primary label and hidden tabs, more info here: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Hiding_Gmail_tabs

  • Hello Jason,

    Thank you for your prompt response. I didn't mention it in my initial message, but I had been experimenting with toggling various tags before submitting my report. The screenshot I sent illustrates the configuration I've been using for quite some time, which was functioning properly. The 7 unread emails are all labeled under the primary inbox, without any additional tags or categories. I even selected the "All Mail" option, bearing in mind the advisory to deselect other tags to avoid duplicates, but that didn't resolve the issue either.

    The extension alerts me and displays recent emails I've received, but it continues to show a discrepancy of 3 emails. I've noticed that these 3 emails, intentionally left unread and dated from some time ago (October 2022, May 2023, and June 2023), are all in the primary inbox without any other labels. Before submitting my report, these emails were consistently shown in the extension. I've tried marking these emails as read and then unread again; the extension detects and displays them momentarily, but after a few minutes, the unread count reverts to an incorrect number and they disappear from the extension's email list.

    Could it be possible that the extension is overlooking unread emails beyond a certain date?

  • That is quite possible, the manual add method which you are using does give approximate unread counts. Have you tried the auto-detect method?

    and have you done tests with recent unread emails counts.

  • I've tested the Auto-detect option and it worked; the unread emails are displayed consistently without fluctuation. With this method, I conducted tests by marking some emails as unread from 15, 30, 60, and 365 days ago, trying different email check intervals, as well as a manual email check from the extension, and these worked correctly.

    I then switched back to the Manual Add method, and the problem reoccurred. I tested with marking unread emails from January 15, 2024, January 02, 2024, December 29, 2023, December 01, 2023, and November 01, 2023. The extension only displays emails from January 2024. Emails marked as unread from December 2023 and earlier appear briefly in the extension, but after performing a manual check or upon reaching the time set in the extension, they disappear and are no longer displayed in the extension's email list.

    I'm not certain if these tests are conclusive or shed light on the cause of the error. One solution option is to select the auto-detect account method, but I'm also aware of the functional differences between automatic detection and manual adding, and I would prefer the option with more features.

  • Ok thanks for all the details, I will queue this investigation and try to replicate it on my end.

  • Edge was recently updated, the bug I shared before seems to no longer exist.

    The manual and automatic account detection method display the email list appropriately.

    I appreciate your support Jason. I assume the error was on my PC.

    Have a great day.

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