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Error Message after update

I am using the latest Cent browser which is a Chrome-based browser. but it keeps showing me the error message " You need to update your browser! (error getContexts).

I am using the latest version of the Cent browser. How can I stop the error message?


  • Are you sure it's the latest Chromium version 120 because they should support getContexts, actually Chrome and Edge, Vivalid etc have supported since v116. If Cent doesn't then you must contact their support.

  • Yes, I am already on the latest build of CENT browser, but still I'm getting the error message whenever I click or check the extension.

  • edited January 24

    In that case you will have to contact their support team about keeping up todate with the latest Chromium features especially in regards to the move to manifest 3 relative to the API getContexts

  • So, those of us too poor to upgrade from Windows 7 simply aren't welcome anymore?

  • @Pinback I welcome you to update your system for security and to resume using my extensions with the latest features that are only available with the latest Chrome version. Note that Google is pushing a standardization of the extension to MV3 for these same safety reasons - so more extensions will follow suit starting in June.

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