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Spinning tab when extension activated

For the last few days, if I activate the Checker Plus extension,

my GMail tab spins (as if loading something)

when I am on another tab...

If I turn off your extension, it loads fine.


  • Great observation, I've noticed it too and didn't even realize it was related to my extension, lol.

    I found the issue and it's related to the Voice Input and it will be fixed in the next extension version, you could disable it for now if you want in the extension Options .. Voice Input

  • Thanks, but I believe mine was disabled...

  • oh interesting you are not even on the latest version of my extension.

    2 things to try, can you try reloading your Gmail page once more.

    if that doesn't work try forcing the latest update of my extension https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    and then reload the gmail page

  • Fantastic! The forced update worked...

    Thank you for the prompt fix Jason.

    Love your work!

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