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Suggestion for "Recent Tabs" extension

I've come across this solution for mapping "Ctrl + Tab" as the keyboard shortcut for a Chrome extension. And I've managed to use it to successfully map "Ctrl + Tab" to your shortcut "Toggle between the last 2 recent tabs", and it works! However, this shortcut is the only one available in the the "Keyboard shortcuts" (chrome://extensions/shortcuts), while for me the most important is the 2nd use case - switching between ALL recent tabs (with the pop-up list).

Thanks a lot for your great work!

Michael Z.


  • The advantage of the keyboard shortcuts section is that I don't have to directly interact with any webpage, just the tabs via direct API calls. The 2nd use case involves the extension trying to capture the keys and displaying list of tabs within the webpage. This is difficult because webpages vary a lot and may sometimes prevent capturing keys or displaying lists.

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