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why does the number of messages under the mailbox icon in task bar show more than the actual emails?

The little icon shows '2' but when i click on it I see just 1 email in the preview, a message from google calendar about an appointment. Why the discrepancy? And yes I have tried to refresh it!


  • Try double clicking the refresh button quickly to force a hard refresh

  • Still shows number '2' by mail icon when there is only 1 message in the preview...

  • Ok try restarting the browser.

  • does not work. always shows N+1 messages. If there is 2 messages, it shows 3.

    Could it be counting an email that is set not to show in the preview ?

  • I will try option 2 perhaps to sign in manually but it says that Checker Plus might read my emails and I am sharing sensitive information for the login. Not sure if it is more or less secure than autodetect accounts.

  • To be honest the default permissions of the extension already gave similar access because it was able to perform the same tasks of reading & marking emails as read or archiving etc. And note that this 2nd method has been used for years by users of the extension.

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