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Confusion about "Clicking anywhere on notification" setting

I use both Firefox and Chrome and for both browsers, I have Checker Plus configured like this:

The relevant part here that I have "Clicking anywhere on notification" set to Open, not Mark as Read.

In Firefox, this works the way I want it to. I like to keep emails unread in my inbox until I can properly address them, so it's very important to me that the emails are not automatically marked as read when I preview them in Checker Plus.

In Chrome, however, the "Clicking anywhere on notification" setting being set to Open appears to be ignored, and it automatically marks emails as read when I preview them.

Here are a few screenshots showing the behavior. First, I open the Checker Plus window, which shows I have 3 unread emails:

I want to click on the first one to preview it, but I don't want to mark it as read, and it shouldn't mark it as read, because I set the aforementioned setting to Open instead of Mark as read.

Next, I click the back arrow to go to my inbox. Despite the Open setting, it shows the first email as having been marked as read (note the lack of bold text), and the unread email count is now 2 instead of 3.


  • So that "open" option applies to Notifications only.

    What you are looking for is to disable the "Preview marks as read" in the General options.

  • That fixed it. Thanks so much for the quick response!

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