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No event pop ups after reinstalling extension

I had an issue where all of the Google Chrome Extensions had to be reinstalled. After doing that, Checker Plus for Google Calendar stopped working completely. Even though I've granted permissions, uninstalled and reinstalled the extension again, it still hasn't fixed the issue.


  • Are you using the default pop-up window reminder option?

    More help here https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Event_notifications_are_not_working

  • Yes, I'm using the default pop up window notification. I always have.

  • Does the test notification button work?

  • Yes, the test notification works, but when it comes to notifications from my calendars, they do not come up at all.

  • Ok do you see the events in the extension popup window?

  • Yes, they are all there, but I do not get the separate pop up for each event like I used to before.

  • Do you get any at all? even grouped?

    If you click on an event in that extension popup window, do you see a reminder time for that event?

  • All of them are set to notify me 10 minutes before, even when grouped, but nothing ever pops up for me.

  • Ok let's try a test with the quick add in the extension popup window.

    Type the following "test in 1 minutes"

    Should create an event for 1 minute from now. You can click on it see the reminder time and it should also be visible on the calendar button icon with 1m . Can you confirm all this with screenshots.

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