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Extension prevents Chrome Maxmize/Minimize Icons from showing

Extension prevents Chrome Maximize/Minimize Icons from showing on Ubuntu when chrome window is maximized.

To temporarily fix it, disable the extension, restart chrome, and then the extension can be renabled. The issue comes back every few weeks. This is specific to the Google calendar extension as other extensions are not exhibiting the same behavior to fixing the issue. I ran through all extensions to for the steps above until I found that disabling the calendar extension restored the icons

I am on default theme so resetting chrome theme did not fix the issue


  • Cab you systematically trigger the issue? And how?

  • tkltkl
    edited November 1

    I can't figure out what triggers the issue as it is rare but my guess its theme or window related. It could be related to the notification popup window. the issue is likely shown on startup of chrome or restore of chrome pages

  • tkltkl
    edited November 27

    I have had it happen 3 times since my last comment. It looks like it happens one a week at least. If there is something I can do to narrow it down please let me know. My guess it is theme/chrome settings related since the issue doesn't disappear after chrome upgrade

  • Have you tried Googling around to see if other have found this issue related to those buttons.

  • I did, the only solution I found was to reset the chrome theme, but that didn't do it for me. I ended up disabling/renableing extentions until I found that the claendar extension was causing/triggering an existing chrome issue. I have the gmail extension and it doesn't trigger the same behavior. I have tested a popup notification appear on startup/restore but that wasn't it.

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