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Asking for log-in again and open google account link with code

Is this normal and safe? It keeps showing this in new windows and ask me to log in with something like this in the browser address bar https://accounts.google.com/v3/signin/challenge/pwd?TL=xxxxx=1....................


  • This is a legitimate new page that I had to create because of a recent changes to Gmail. Essentially if you want to keep using the auto-detect method and take actions on email like mark as read or delete etc. then you have to follow these instructions.

    Note that if you are using the manual add method then this wouldn't apply to you.

    This page should only popup if you try to take an action on email within my extension.

  • @Jason Thank you very much for your reply. Just want to be sure that the link is safe and the extension is not hijacked 👍

  • No problem, I prioritize safety first also, can you let me know if the rest of the page flow worked and are you able to continue actioning emails?

  • I chose the second method (add account and stay signed in) so not sure about the flow of the first option (auto-detect signed in accounts).

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