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Task notifications for past and updated Tasks since last opened machine

I know you have significant limitations on what you can do but it is possible to handle past and changed tasks and not display or display when relevant that would be great.

Examples are a task was completed and past date and marked as so on another device yet when use this chromebook the next saturday still get reminder

Also if had task originally due last Wed and moved three weeks forward on another device I still get reminder on this machnie prematurely


  • Just curious if create a task for tomorrow and mark it as completed - do you still get a notification for it tomorrow?

    Can I assume this is the same issue as syncing dismissed events between machines?

  • will try and let you know

    you lost me per "same issue as syncing dismissed events between machines?" ?

  • on my chromebook i did not get a notification for the completed one created and completed on my chromebox..maybe just ones that are incomplete that i changed the dates are the "noise"

  • Sorry to keep alive

    same issue today moved three tasks out on another device this week with one original date already passed this week and the other two set for today, and all three show reminders today

  • edited November 4

    So I reviewed the task logic and it should poll every 30minutes for updates to tasks and their details. But if a task has popped as a notification on machine A, then changing that task's details on a different machine B will not affect the notification presence of the notification on machine A.

    Is this what you are witnessing?

  • no, change reminder on task A from x to later then on machine b (which was asleep during change) when next opened still fires old reminder time

  • meant machine A

  • i.e. machine b is not discarding outdated reminder time

  • Ok thanks for the clarification, so if the machine was asleep it wouldn't be sycning and it's possibly why it popped before it had time to sync. Can you do tests to confirm this.

  • that must be what is happening but don't have issue with Calendar items just Tasks

  • edited November 4

    so unfortunately tasks don't support real-time updates like calendar events. i could look into forcing a sync of the tasks upon waking up from sleep, but this could slightly delay the reminder window.

  • sounds like a good plan..better to have a slight delay and improved quality - much thanks

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