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[Feature Request] Borders, Outlines, Border Effects for Screenshots

Could you add a feature to automatically add a ~1pt border to outline the screenshot in the editor? My use case would be when I'm pasting the screenshot into Gmail or chat window and want to make the screenshot stand out when displayed inline with text on white backgrounds. I currently use the rectangle tool to get this effect, but sometimes don't draw precisely and would appreciate a more direct method. Attached is a picture of a few examples created using the picture formatting tools in Word.


  • Interesting and great examples. So I guess I could add these features to the rectangle or circle tools also? But I presume you want the frame of the entire screenshot to be done automatically applied to every screenshot taken and I'm guessing that would have to be set in the extension options page probably.

  • I wouldn't necessarily want it applied to every single screenshot; it could instead be one of the toolbar buttons in the editor. I might make it work similar to the "crop" button that reveals the different aspect ratios. Instead, it would show a visual example of each border/frame option. If possible I would want the border/frame drawn on the outside edge of the existing image canvas so as to not overlap anything on the original screenshot.

  • Great mockups and good idea, it's in my queue, the not affecting the screenshot contour will be a bit trickier but i'll see what I can do - maybe AI can help me out ;)

  • Good news I've added a frame option in the latest v13.3.

  • That's excellent. I am thankful for your responsiveness as a developer!

    I've just tried the feature a few times, and it seems to only apply the frame to the top border and left border instead of all sides. Attached is an example.

  • Do you have any screen/browser/font zoom setting.

  • Yes, display scaling applied at the OS level seems to cause this issue. I use both a ChromeOS and Windows 10 device.

    On my ChromeOS device, setting the "display size" from my preferred 115% down to 100% resolves the issue.

    On my Windows 10 device, setting the display scale down from my preferred 125% to 100% resolves the issue:

    Do you have any way to mitigate this issue for users with display scaling turned on? With some of my vision issues, I prefer setting display scaling at the OS-level as opposed to text zoom or font changes. The system-wide scaling also adjusts the size of OS icons, tab bars, clickable elements, etc.

  • Yes, I'll be pushing out another version to compensate for this, thanks for the feedback.

  • Happy to report that this is now working perfectly on version 14.0 of the extension!

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