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True eraser

Would be nice to have "true" eraser to correct errors in editing the screenshot, instead of just blurring them.

Save having to start over again.

Or did I "miss the memo"?


  • You can use the Undo button to go back one step at the time.

  • Which one is that, Jason? Not all button descriptors pop up here - Chrome on Ubuntu.

  • Not on my screen, Jason!

  • The Undo appears after you take an initial action on the screenshot, so you have something to Undo, although I'm curious now if this width of your screen is somehow to narrow? is that full screenwidth you sent me? what's your screen resolution?

  • Full screenshot. Resolution 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

  • Hmm do you have any zoom or increased font settings set at the browser or OS level?

    Because if you noticed in my screenshot there's a lot more room around the ends.

  • Hmm do you have any zoom or increased font settings set at the browser or OS level?

    Not that I am aware of. How do I check that <not a pencil head, sorry> Using GTK (I think, LOL)in Chrome.

  • Can you send me a full screenshot of my website as an example so I can verify indeed your resolution: https://jasonsavard.com

  • Hmm so that looks normal, can you try reinstalling the extension. I'm really confused as to why the toolbar is flush on left side when there should be lots of space.

  • Reinstalled, same issue. Want screenshot (might be delayed, Her Indoors wants to go for a walk)?

  • Ok can you take a full screenshot of my website with the extension and the send me a screenshot of that with the extension toolbar above so I can compare the website's width with that of the toolbar so something like this... notice the red space indicating the extra space I have.

  • How do I get the extension toolbar on top? Pardon my ignorance!

  • Oops, time zone diff?

  • So the trick is to take a screenshot of a screenshot.

  • This is what I get, any use? Using recommended view on Chrome, not font enlargers. Also since I reinstated, now asking me asking to recontribute.

  • Ok excellent so it looks like there is space for the undo button to appear.

    Can you draw an arrow and then you should see an Undo button appear where I have highlighted.

  • Thanks found it.

    Can I get full access again please?

  • Order number long gone Jason, had to clean up space a couple of years back.

    Late here, talk again in morning my time.

    Thanks for the help.

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