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Primary Tab not alerting me

all i use this for is to be alerted when messages hit my Primary Tab. it has been working for years perfectly, but out of the blue? it is not doing that. i went in and tried to verify everything was set correctly, and unless i am missing something i believe it is.

i get nothing when e-mails hit my Primary Tab when i have that selected. if i change the settings to Inbox i get alerts for everything. with all the messages i get, this is impractical.

was there an update or change very recently that could have changed something?

i have re-installed, restarted, the extension, Chrome, my computer, everything.

perhaps there is a setting somewhere that i have incorrect, but i am stumped.


  • You may have hidden some tabs in your Gmail, refer to this solution: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Hiding_Gmail_tabs

  • i have the Forum tab hidden in Gmail. now, i have always had this hidden, and nothing goes there. the extension worked.

    could you further explain what needs to be done? i went in and unhid the tab in Gmail, which honestly i do not want to do, and tested the extension and it still was not alerting me. do i NEED to unhide the tab in Gmail and ALSO have it checked in the extension for the alerts to Primary to hit? (which i have not done yet) or am i misunderstanding something?

  • No you don't have to make the Forum tab visible in your Gmail. You just have to checkbox the "Forum" label in extension Labels. Essentially when you hide a Gmail tab like Forum, it means all Forum emails will just appear in your Primary tab instead. I'm guessing you might other tabs hidden like Promotion emails etc.

  • understood, and i am unsure how to proceed. the only tab i had hidden in Gmail was Forums.

    when it was hidden, originally, the only checkboxes i had checked in the extension were the e-mail account, and Primary. when it was not working i also selected the Forum option. it still was not working. i then made it unhidden, i then unchecked that option in the extension, it still was not working.

    if i simply check Inbox in the System option in the extension, i get notifications for everything, but it seems if it is only Primary (if no tabs are hidden) and Primary and Forums (if that tab is hidden) from the Catergory option there is no alert

  • edited September 18

    So the easiest test to do, is mark an email as unread that you are not getting notifications for and then hit the refresh button in my extension popup window. If it doesn't appear there then you also are not getting notified of it. Then you can start checking on the other categories Social, Promotional etc. until you see that unread email appear in the extension popup window.

  • upon doing that, emails populated the popup window for each category i added (promotions and updates), but not for Primary. once i added Inbox as a test, again, the email from Primary immediately populated the popup window

  • So just checking, but you did obviously also select the "Primary" label from the extension options?

    if you send yourself an email does it appear in the Primary and in the extension popup window?

  • yes, it is selected. if i send one to myself it arrives in Gmail fine, but there is no alert. the only way i can get it to alert or show anywhere is to have Inbox selected

  • well, i guess i should clarify so as we are on the same page, Primary under Categories via the settings in your extension.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of your Primary emails in Gmail and one of the extension popup window assuming some unread are present there.

  • edited September 18

    will do, now i am even more confused. emails i sent to myself as a test show up in Gmail, but do not alert me, and do not show up in the pop up unless i select Inbox.

    i will have to see what happen upon your reply, but messages i make unread then appear upon a refresh in your extension popup window

    would messages from me not appear for some reason? they are being sent from a different device.

  • if you send me the screenshots maybe i can start getting a better context.

  • ok so 3 of those primary emails are appearing in checker plus correctly (except for the one you sent to yourself) and currently are have checked "primary" in the extension?

  • edited September 18

    i was using messages to myself as the basis for most of this, but it does seem that unread messages from Primary do populate the extension.

    when you reply, i will see if i am alerted, and maybe this was all very confusing for no reason.

    UPDATE, when you replied as i was typing, i was alerted. so, IDK, but i apologize for taking all of your time with this, as i am sure you are extremely busy. very strange that messages to myself are weird like that.

  • i also apologize for not selecting more of the unread messages when you suggested that for the test, i did not think that the messages to myself would somehow be an issue.

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