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Snooze Time

Let's say a have a desktop notification popup window at 8:31 pm.

When i snooze it for tomorrow/2d /3d/7d it appears next days at 6 am (default notification time) instead of 8:31 pm

Why is it not working on a full day (24h) basis and only on a calendaristic day basis?


  • Would this suggestion fit your needs because I don't think I would force it to everyone: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/33508#Comment_33508

  • Let me put it this way.

    I have Desktop notification popup window at 8:00 pm.

    Why can I not snooze it 24h but only 10h until next days at 6 am (default notification time)?

    If I snooze 10 notification at 10 different hours today, for tomorrow, all of them popup at 6 am (default notification time), instead of the same 10 different hours of the day before, which is very annoying.

    1d/2d/3d/7d common sens says that there have to be 24h/48h/72h/168h interval.

  • So I try to mimic common snoozing practices, lol if that's a thing. What does Gmail snooze to? or how about Outlook?

    edited September 14

    Gmail and Outlook are not models in snoozing practices and even if they wood it is not practical that all of them popup at 6 am, which is the default notification time and not the only one.

    I can give tons of sophisticated time management software where this rigid rule does not apply.

    It seems that there is libertarian snoozing only intra day (hours) and not inter day (days/weeks) which has to follow the rigid rule of the default notification time.

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