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Event color changes on other events

Hi Jason,

Before I start, let me thank you for this extension. My work life is vastly more efficient with the extension and it's popout mode. I put my thanks into dollar signs, too :)

I work entirely in the popout mode. I use the extension like a big appointment book, set up as a week display, 15 minute increments. During the day, I just add events to my calendar of things I need to do, and then later I come back and fill in the details. Here's where the entirely intermittent, difficult-to-reproduce issue arises.

I will change the event color from default blue to light blue to indicate to me that the event has been updated. Other times, I will change the event color to red when I want future events blocked out. What happens is that when I save the event, another event on the calendar suddenly changes it's color to match.

It does not seem to matter if the edit was a new event or changing an existing event. The other event always changes to the color of what I just changed. It is always one other event that changes, never more than 1. The undesired changed event is commonly an event that I have just recently edited, though not always the last event.

I have tried to find a pattern to this without success. I tried fresh windows, removing and reinstalling, different computers. The problem has existed through several major Chrome and application updates that you've released (admittedly, each time I'm hopeful that the bug was caught and remediated when you release a new version). As a programmer myself, I have always just dealt with the inconvenience and changed the event color back on the other event.

But now I'm looking at some 40+ hours of constant extension use (I'm way behind on my updates) and it's getting frustrating when it happens almost every event entry/change. I was able to record video of the behavior which I can share if you would like to see it (could not attach an mp3 here).

I appreciate any insight you can give me - or even a work-around that would let me get through.


  • Good details and most likely a bug which we can hopefully try to reproduce. You can send me a video either here or just by replying to my forum email with an attachment.

    It's most likely caused by the fact the popout window never closes and therefore certain variables are not reset between event modifications etc.

    Try doing a typical sequence between viewing/modifying or even creating events without of course closing the popout window and see if you can reproduce, record and send it to me.

  • Thank you for your always speedy reply!

    Here is the video with the file renamed to .log (the forum attachment function dislikes mp4).

  • edited September 2023

    Awesome I was able to reproduce it and it was related to changing the color of another event just before creating a new one and and setting a color for that new event.

    This issue will be fixed in the next update, thanks for all the details.

    Don't be shy to report any issues here when they happen.

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