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Old events populating notifications

Hi there, it seems like whenever I open chrome a bunch of older events, like 2-3 days ago appear. Is this something I can configure?

If I dismiss an event or miss an event I don't want to receive a notification for it.


  • There is an option for that, but I won't always recommend it because, it will dismiss all events up to the minute before you open your browser. Note if you manually Dismiss an event it should not be re-appearing.

  • Hmm ok, maybe it's a bug? I have that selected.

  • Ok let me know if you can reproduce an issue and send me the steps.

  • Steps to repro seem to be,

    Let events occur while chrome is closed, reopen, then they will all appear as rich notifications

  • edited September 2023

    So I reviewed the code and there are 2 exceptions:

    1) If the event is still occuring

    2) If someone created an early recurring event like 7-8am and they would open her computer at 9am and miss that one because of the don't show past events, so I added a 2 hour grace period from the end of the event time

  • Great, so it will no longer occur?

  • Perhaps you could put this in the documentation, preferably in the hover-text for the option in the screen shown above. The current hover-text doesn't seem to match the logic you describe. (Then I don't have to come searching the forums to find this info.) :)

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