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No events, "Cannot create property 'CPlastFetched' on string" on refresh

This has happened a couple of times over the last year: my calendar events (in the popup and new tab views) have disappeared, and clicking the refresh button shows an error:

Cannot create property 'CPlastFetched' on string '{"calendarLocale":"en","showDeclinedEvents":true,"hideWeekends":false,"weekStart":"0","timeZone":"America/Vancouver","format24HourTime":false,"dateFieldOrder":"MDY","defaultEventLength":"60","email":"me@gmail.com"}' 

I recall fixing it once by messing around with the view settings, changing the number of visible days/weeks and such. Haven't had any luck with that this time. Any ideas? TIA


  • JS console shows the error happening twice: popup.js:139 and extensionCommon.js:247.

  • Can you send me the background error logs:


  • Can do! Apologies for the delay.

    bg onMessage: pollServer
    common.js:1685 initMisc Sat Sep 09 2023 13:25:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    common.js:1703 initWindowBGVars
    checkerPlusForCalendar.js:3144 allDayVStimeSpecific: 0.347900390625 ms
    checkerPlusForCalendar.js:3977 sortevents: 1.010986328125 ms
    common.js:1725 mergeevents: 1.718994140625 ms
    common.js:1726 feeds: 36.623046875 ms
    background.js:1723 pollServer
    background.js:443 Fetching colors...
    background.js:1190 Fetching calendarlist
    common.js:768 error ensureWatchCalendarSettings: TypeError: Cannot create property 'watchResponse' on string '{"calendarLocale":"en","showDeclinedEvents":true,"hideWeekends":false,"weekStart":"0","timeZone":"America/Vancouver","format24HourTime":false,"dateFieldOrder":"MDY","defaultEventLength":"60","email":"emcniece@gmail.com"}'
    logError @ common.js:768
    fetchCalendarSettings @ background.js:395
    await in fetchCalendarSettings (async)
    pollServer @ background.js:1759
    await in pollServer (async)
    (anonymous) @ background.js:3681
    await in (anonymous) (async)
    (anonymous) @ background.js:3752
    background.js:399 Fetching settings
    background.js:3747 TypeError: Cannot create property 'CPlastFetched' on string '{"calendarLocale":"en","showDeclinedEvents":true,"hideWeekends":false,"weekStart":"0","timeZone":"America/Vancouver","format24HourTime":false,"dateFieldOrder":"MDY","defaultEventLength":"60","email":"emcniece@gmail.com"}'
        at fetchCalendarSettings (background.js:407:40)
        at async Promise.all (index 0)
        at async pollServer (background.js:1758:53)
        at async background.js:3681:34
    (anonymous) @ background.js:3747
    await in (anonymous) (async)
    (anonymous) @ background.js:3752
  • Thanks for the logs, so we can temporarily resolve the issue by going into the extension Options .. Admin .. Reset settings to default.

    However, I would be curious if you can replicate the issue, what actions do you take with the extension that you might recall before the issue happens?

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