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Extension not auto refreshing/updating on Firefox

I have been using your extension for many years now. I recently changed jobs and was issued a new computer. The extension has not worked consistently since having the new computer. I have to manually refresh the extension. It updated when I "regranted" access. I tried the applicable suggestions in your help page.

Please advise. I've relied on this extension for a long time and now find myself missing meetings and important events.




  • Note that real-time syncs are supported on Chrome and Edge, but not Firefox.

    However, the extension as a backup does frequently poll every hour or more depending on the calendar use.

  • I was using Firefox on my previous laptop with no issues.

  • Try reinstalling the extension. Then you can do some tests by modifying the title of an event from the google calendar website and see how long it takes to sync to the extension.

  • Same for me. The auto-refresh is happening but not instantly.

    If I am in a rush, I use the refresh button from the extension menu.

    But, you have to do it twice.

    At the first refreshing trial it does not work.

  • @GHF I can see you are also a Firefox user, I'll look into the refreshing twice issue and see if I can increase the polling frequency for Firefox users, but note only Chrome and Edge support real-time syncing, and I can't increase the polling to much because there is a quota for developers.

  • Still not working for me. It worked briefly for a day last week, but it's back to not refreshing at all. I need to manually refresh, which defeats a very useful feature of the extension. Any additional troubleshooting?

  • Can you send me the error logs:

    Go to this url:


    Then click "Inspect" beside the calendar extension and click the "Console" tab and send me those logs.

  • Do you need them in a specific format? Paste/attach in this thread or email to you?

  • You can email it to me, by replying to the forum email thread. Or a screenshot here is fine also.

  • Ok thanks, so no problematic errors in the logs.

    I verified the polling times for Firefox users and it should poll every 30minutes for your main read/write calendars. Read only calendars will only poll every 6 hours.

    Can you test creating an event in your main calendar via the google calendar website and wait 31 minutes and let me know if it appears in Checker Plus (without clicking the refresh of course)

  • Done. Added a test event for 30+ minutes in the future (4:15p ET).

  • No update in extension after 31+ minutes.

  • Ok and if you restart the browser does it re-activate the polling?

  • No. Its been at "8m" since 11:22a ET when I refreshed prior to an 11:30a ET meeting. (It's now 5:15p ET) where I am located.

  • Ok i'm going to run some tests on my Firefox version.

    How often does this issue get triggered.

  • The extension hasn't been working properly since I got this new laptop up and running. So, since about end of July.

  • edited September 2023

    I may have a lead and it may be related to idling time or locked screen etc.

    Can you run this command in the "Console" tab and let me know what is returned.

    chrome.idle.queryState(2100, state => { console.info("query state: ", state); });

  • Ok thanks, so one piece of logic for Firefox users is it will only poll if you are "active" on the computer. In other words if you are watching a movie or in a meeting and not moving the mouse etc. it would idle and not polling.

    Is this possibly a factor?

  • Not very likely. I'm very active 8a-6p M-F. Even during meetings I'm doing work in the background. For what it's worth, I use a BT mouse and keyboard which I've had previous to this new laptop. Could it be related to the embedded security app that came installed (HP Wolf Pro Security)?

  • edited September 2023

    So I missed something important in our thread, you said even the 8m countdown was frozen (from your screenshot above)

    So even the minute counter is not working correct?

    So if you had an event created "within" checker plus for something let's say 10min away, will it stop counting down on the button?

  • Correct, the minute counter is also not working.

    The "8m" was on the icon until late yesterday until I restarted my computer for a Windows update. During that time, I had several meetings for which I didn't get a notification.

  • Right now, my next "meeting" is at 1:55p ET. I just added a "TEST meeting for 11:15a ET. I'll report back if the icon updates to 11:15 or minutes away.

  • Actually the easiest way to register an event within checker plus for 10min away is using the quick add, you should see the counter change to 10m immediately and then every minute going down.

  • OK, I'll try that next. But, no icon update or notification for the TEST meeting at 11:15a ET.

  • FYI, now the there is no time/minutes at all in the icon when I have 3 events this morning, two that are old and recurring and one that was scheduled around 5:30p ET yesterday. Seems like it isn't updating at all.

  • Did you try the quick add test that I mentioned in previous message?

  • Did the quick add and it's stayed stuck at 9m.

  • edited September 2023

    Ah very interesting so the root cause is not about syncing, it's the extension timers that are the problem.

    Do you have any other extensions installed or software, can you try disabling them.

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