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Calendar Alerts not working with your Calendar extension and Edge Chromium browser?

Hi Jason,

I looked all around and can't seem to find the answer but my default browser is Edge Chromium. I can't seem to make my calendar alerts work with your calendar extension. Can you please tell me what I've screwed up, hopefully it's NOT something stupid on my part but sadly it probably is....


  • Are you a new user of my extension?

    Do you usually get notifications for your events through the google website or your phone?

  • I am not a new user, I use desktop only. I recently started to use Edge Chromium as my default and suddenly alerts are failing, I thought Edge & Chrome were the same?

  • They are almost, I have heard of notifications failing due to a Edge browser bug especially given you said it just started failing. But let's try debugging it, have you tried restarting Edge?

    then try restarting the computer.

    Are you using the default Popup window notifications or did you change it to the Rich notifications?

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