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Not displaying desktop notifications

Using Chrome on a MacBook Pro and the notifications for Chrome and Chrome Helper are enabled as banners. I've tried the applicable suggestions at https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working, but I don't get desktop notifications for a new email. The icon jiggles as it should. Basically, everything is configured just as you have it by default...I haven't changed anything. There is no hurry on this, I know you're very busy. Thanks!


  • Try restarting the computer.

    and make sure all Google Chrome settings have all the checkboxes on and including "Banners" set as you indicated in your message.

  • Yes, already tried restarting. I'm using macOS Ventura so Notification Settings look a little different, but everything is definitely checked. I also tried changing from Banners to Alerts, but that didn't help.

    Gmail new mail notifications (when using the web UI) have been a problem forever, especially on a Mac. Someone needs to make a Mac menu bar app that does absolutely nothing except display notification for multiple Gmail accounts. Thanks, Jason.

  • So it seems like a Mac and notification issue, I suggest googling around.

  • Doing that now...will let you know if I find the culprit. Thanks again.

  • Figured it out...probably no solution. The notifications work, but ONLY if Chrome is open on my desktop. If it's on, and in the Dock, the desktop notifications don't display...but as soon as I open Chrome, I also get the notifications. I keep Chrome running all the time, but I don't know anyone who keeps the Chrome UI open all the time.

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