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[FEATURE REQUEST] Semi-transparent overlay rectangles and circles


I would like to request a feature to have semi-transparent overlay rectangles and circles, when we want to emphasize some part of the screen or draw attention to it. Right now, we do have an option to select fill color of the overlay, but it can't be semi-transparent.

Also, it would be great if this elements can be adjusted, so I don't have to get it right on the first try.

The perfect example of this behaviour is found in the 'Shutter' screenshot tool for Linux (https://shutter-project.org/). I'll attach a screenshot of what exactly do I mean by this.

Thanks, great extension!

I'm a paid supporter


  • I forgot to mention that in Shutter, the transparency level can be adjusted, so if there is something more visually complicated beneath the overlying element, we can bring up the transparency to get a better see-through.


  • I could look into the semi-transparency, however I noticed it's yellow in your screenshot and the outline is red. What color should the semi-transparency be? the color of the outline or always yellow?

  • Thanks for the answer.

    We already have the fill color chooser. Just add the transparency level selection (in my experience, with default of 40%), and we are ready to go!

  • @VancoOrdanoski Good news semi-transparency is now available in v13.2

  • Great! I saw it already - works fine.

    Thanks for this, means a lot.

    Already made a contribution :)

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