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[FEATURE REQUEST] Adjusting the selection rectangle when grabbing screenshot

Hi everybody,

I sometimes find it difficult to select the correct selection area on the first (and only) try we have.

I would like to request a mode where we can adjust the selection rectangle, fine tune it, and then hit some 'Done' button and go into the editor.

This would greatly improve the accuracy and look of my screenshots!



  • I'll take note of this, but this is the 1st time it's been suggested, it seems it would add more steps to the screenshot grab - and I kind of like the speediness.

  • Well, they'll surely like it when they'll have it available 😀

    Maybe leave the original behavior and add another, 'advanced' one?

    Or, put a switch in the options and let users choose what they like (with the present setting as default)?

    It would be useful to have more professional looking screenshots without too many retries.

    Anyway, thanks for responding.

    Cheers, Vanco

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