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Reading email takes long time to open

When I have an unread (new) email in checker when I click on it the pop-up opens and the green progress bar is seen, but it can take up to 10-15 seconds to see the email in the window.

I'm using MS Edge and I have 6 Gmail accounts



  • Does this happen for every email?

    Have you tried just restarting the browser?

  • Not every email...like urs was fast but others can take 10-15 seconds. Yeah I rebooted today.

  • Didn't know if there was a caching issue that I could clear

  • Is there a pattern to which emails are slow, like promotional emails or emails with lots of images etc.

  • Not really....your email took 20 seconds just now. Maybe I just try and remove/reinstall extension?

  • Yes let's try that.

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