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the new version has some question, the video recording, I found the double image occurs when mouse m

you can see many mouse on screen after record by the tools

Please download ,and change file name to .mp4 or .webm


  • At first glance this seems like a browser or OS issue, because I haven't updated anything related to the video recording in the extension.

    Are you using an external display? Try just from the laptop screen.

    Have you changed any resolutions or screen settings recently.

    Make sure all your drivers are updated.

  • In fact, this video that I used the laptop screen. I remeber this tool can be used in my old laptop. I have an old desktop, it is also the same issue. I think it is difficult to find the reason and can not solve in short time. In the future, if you have some improvement on it, please tell me. Whatever it is an excellent tool .Thank you!

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