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Button icon disappears

I've been using a Custom button icon for a long time now. A weird behavior I've observed is that sometimes they just disappear. I resolve this by going to Options -> Button, selecting a default button set to get something to appear up there again, then re-selecting Custom.

I've probably been dealing with this for a few years now.



  • Ok thanks for signaling it, let me know if there's any pattern or what's the frequency of the disappearance. Like after a restart or in the AM or after any unread/read emails etc.

    Essentially if you can repeat it on demand.

  • Today, I had 2 emails and read one of them. The counter correctly changed from 2 to 1, and the little 1 was displayed in the bottom right-hand corner, but the main icon disappeared. Edge has been running for quite a while - I tend not to close/restart often.

  • Ok thanks can you send me any possible background errors in the error logs:


  • This might be the culprit, as I have seen errant behavior 3 times this morning, and this set of exceptions appears 3 times in the console:

     unhandledrejection Error: Failed to execute 'convertToBlob' on 'OffscreenCanvas': Readback of the source image has failed.

      at chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/common.js:5541:30

      at new Promise (<anonymous>)

      at getDataUrl (chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/common.js:5537:9)

      at ButtonIcon.startAnimation (chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/checkerPlusForGmail.js:1866:73)

    (anonymous) @ common.js:717

    common.js:5541 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute 'convertToBlob' on 'OffscreenCanvas': Readback of the source image has failed.

      at chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/common.js:5541:30

      at new Promise (<anonymous>)

      at getDataUrl (chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/common.js:5537:9)

      at ButtonIcon.startAnimation (chrome-extension://dkjkomkbjefdadfgbgdfgnpbmhmppiaa/js/checkerPlusForGmail.js:1866:73)

    I would like to emphasize that it does work some of the time, so the icons do exist.

  • Excellent this is definitely the issue although I couldn't find anything online related to that specific error, but i'll keep digging.

    Are you using any extended monitors or different resolutions or changing anything related to screens.

  • edited August 2023

    I'm currently on a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 and here are the display settings:

    This has happened on my desktop too though, which has 4 monitors and a lot more going on.

  • Ok good info, can you send me those custom icons from the original source you took them from.

  • Ok can you temporarily resolve the issue with your change button icons technique.

    And then hit the "show icon animation" play button.

    and let me know if that creates the issue?

    Can you also let me know what's the frequency of the issue?

  • I restored the icons using my weird hack and then played the icon animation. It changed to the Unread icon and wobbled, then went back to the No Unread icon (I have no mail right now). In other words, everything worked as expected.

    This issue seems to happen every few days. Unfortunately, I have been unable to pinpoint how to reproduce it as of yet. There is obviously some trigger, but I don't know what it is.

  • Do you know if the issue is isolated to the custom icons only?

  • I believe it is. I will switch to a default set for now and report here if it still happens - but I wouldn't wait up on that, as I don't think they experience the issue.

  • SylSyl
    edited September 2023

    Hello. I take this opportunity to add my case, because I have exactly the same problem for some time, the icon also disappears without warning. Impossible to know why, and I specify that it is also a custom icon.

    Apparently this would happen when receiving an email.

    EDIT : And I just realized that, via the extensions button (puzzle piece), there is a requested access that is done systematically, forcing to click on the extension to validate it. Maybe we should look that way?

  • @Syl what's the frequency of the issue?

    Are using Chrome?

    And which icon set are you using?

  • An update:

    On my laptop, which is where the vanishing custom icons was occurring, I have been using a built-in set for a few weeks now and they do not disappear.

    On my desktop, which never exhibited the issue, I have been using custom icons this whole time and those have not disappeared, either.

    I don't know what's different about the environment on my laptop, unfortunately...

  • Ok thanks, just curious can you test a different custom icon and see if that makes a difference on your laptop.

  • Before doing that, I'm going to see if redownloading and reuploading the same button set makes a difference. Hopefully it's just that simple!

  • SylSyl
    edited September 2023

    I use the latest version of Chrome.

    Here are the personalised images, maybe they are too heavy? I will test them in size 50x50 to see if it changes anything.

  • Well, the problem is repeated despite the small sizes.

  • Re-uploading the images resolved my issue, so @Syl's report may have a different root cause.

    Thank you for your help.

  • @Syl Can you try setting the default buttons and see if that works, and then try uploading the "Gmail New" ones here:


  • The default buttons work but not the new ones.

    After tests, I realize that they disappear when they are marked as read. 

  • @Syl Can you send me your background error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Well, I said the problem was gone, but...

    I don't know if this is the cause or even if it's related, but my laptop went into sleep mode and when I logged back in, the icon was gone again.

    I can't imagine why sleeping/waking would have any effect on this...

  • SylSyl
    edited September 2023
  • @Syl Ok great info, just curious what other extensions do you have installed?

    and have you noticed a timing pattern, such as when your machine goes to sleep or is idle.

  • I have not noticed a pattern. I actually try not to let my laptop sleep, but since it did that one time and then I noticed the issue again, I thought this was worth reporting. Very strange.

  • Would you be able to reproduce it by forcing the computer to sleep with the unread/read icon sequence by marking emails read/unread etc.

  • Without knowing why, the problem has not reappeared for a week.

  • I forced the machine to sleep and woke it back up, and waited for new emails to come in / go away. So far, this is not reproducing the issue.

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