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Continuing a new calendar event changes alert types to "nnNotification"

If creating a calendar event is interrupted and I re-open Checker Plus for GCal, the alerts reset to default despite already having configured non-default alerts but also displays "nnNotification" in the "notification" drop downs.

In this example, I had set alerts of:

Email 90 Minutes

Notification 60 minutes

Notification 30 minutes

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information or test a fix.



  • I can confirm the notifications aren't remembered, but I can't repeat the nnNotification issue.

    Can you repeat this again, just pretend to create and setup some fields then wait a few seconds and close the window - then reopen it.

    I'm also curious if skins and themes are interefering.

  • edited July 2023

    Yes. It happens every time I repeat this process.

  • Ok thanks, i'll queue this for investigation.

  • OK This is weird. Now my default Notification on a new event is messed up.

    If you want I can open a new issue for this.

  • Note that the default notifications change depending if it's an all day event or timed one.

  • Ah. That explains it. Thanks.

  • Good news in v33 the notifications are remembered now.

  • I am on V.33.0.4 and the nnNotification is still happening.

  • I haven't been able to replicate that nn issue, does it happen every time?

  • It does on my Mac but not on Ubuntu. They are both logged into the same account on Chrome and all the same extensions. So maybe somehow an issue with Chrome on macOS?

  • I haven't been able to replicate the nn issue on a Mac, can you send me a video to demonstrate the steps taken.

  • edited August 2023

    Do you know how to black out portions of the video so I don't reveal personal information? A free tool?

  • Can you temporarily hide most of your calendars using this: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

    and then record the video?

  • edited August 2023

    I found a way to black out my account info.

    As you can see not only does it add the extra "nn" when I resume an event on reopening the Checker, but even if I cancel that event and start a new one without closing and reopening Checker it still adds the "nn".


  • Can you let me know which skins & themes you've added?

    And also try removing them temporarily to see if that makes a difference.

  • Follow me thumb: Hide

    Theme: Dark

    No. Disabling these did not change anything.

  • Can you disable all other extensions and see if is still occurs.

  • The issue still persists after disabling ALL extensions and then re-enabling Checker for GCal.

    Exactly all the same symptoms as recorded in my video.

    I also allowed it in Incognito mode so I could try there and the same thing. When I did so I forgot to put a time and saw an additional thing was bugging. Notice the extra "dd" on days.

    The same thing also happens without incognito mode.

    I also tried restarting chrome with all other extensions disabled, JIC it could make a difference. Unfortunately, it didn't.

  • Just curious did you blank our the calendar name or does it appear blank?

    Also can you click the dropdown to the right of the "All day" checkbox and let me know what appears there.

  • edited August 2023

    Yes. I blanked it out for privacy.

    Here is what is shown when I initially start creating the event.

    Red square is there to emphasize that I intentionally blanked that.

    And here is what happens when I resume the edit.

    Notice it starts blank.

    But when I click it the list shows as normal.

    But if I click out of the selection, like clicking on the event name, it remains blank. And if I click "Doesn't Repeat" it also stays blank. If I click anything else, it gets set to that selection. If I then re-select "Doesn't repeat", it shows correctly.

    This is just getting more and more interesting.

    If you want we could schedule a time, I could setup a Meet conference so I can share my screen, and we can poke around in real time.

  • So there is a timing issue that is creating the issue, but it's hard for me to prioritize it, because I can't replicate it on my Mac and seems to be only triggered from the auto restore function. And the functionality I believe still works, it's just a definite visual annoyance for sure.

    I would have to unpack the extension from your machine and debug through it but this could be very time consuming. If you have any developer experience this could help. But may have to put this one on hold unless I get more reports.

  • edited August 2023

    I am developer myself but my only browser extension experience was a small extension I created to find all the unique instances matching a regex pattern in the code of a page, display a badge with the count on the extension icon, and copy a sorted list of those to the clipboard on click.

    But as you say, this bug does appear to be purely cosmetic.

  • edited March 25

    Update: the repeat also effects the "days" option in the notification time dropdown. See screenshot.

  • Every time you ping me I try to replicate this on a PC and a Mac, but I'm unable to, you mentioned you are a developer, I could point you out to where I suspect could be the issue, it might the sleep(150) below that needs to be increased for Macs, perhaps you can try loading an unpacked version of the extension and playing with that number here's a snippet of the code...


    async function initMessages(selectorOrNode, beforePolymer) { // beforePolymer useful for replacing msgs inside templates before polymer

    // patch for mac small popup issue: needed a delay or wait for polymer to load before replacing html?

    // v2 introduced macPopupException

    // v1 only used beforePolymer

      const macPopupException = DetectClient.isMac() && globalThis.fromToolbar;

      if (globalThis.polymerPromise && (!beforePolymer || macPopupException)) {

        await polymerPromise;

        if (DetectClient.isMac()) {

          await sleep(150);





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