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Add task to calendar in context menu

Suggest adding the ability to add a task to the calendar in addition to events by way of the context menu. Tasks added to calendar show up now in the Tasks app which is helpful.


  • Hmm interesting, but it might really complicate the context menu because it would subdivide and subcategorize actions... ie.

    Context menu 1st action: Checker Plus for Google Calendar

    Context menu 2nd action:

    1) Events

    2) Tasks

    then you would have to select time or day

  • Agree it could be less than ideally functional. But I visualized: Checker Plus for Google Calendar - first submenu - Add event - or - Add task - and then the Date and Time submenus.

  • edited August 2023

    I would love to see this feature coming! Was just searching the forums exactly for a way to do this!

    Furthermore adding tasks via "Quick Add" ('+'-button) by adding a keyword like 'task' would be neat, too.

    And: Adding events + tasks by right clicking the extension-button and getting a submenu-item for it. But maybe I am just missing something here...

  • @DirkSchröder Good suggestion, one issue with the quick add is that it's generally used to add timed events not all day ones ie. "2p get milk", so since the Tasks API doesn't currently support timed tasks, it would be incomplete.

    I can look into developing the context submenu item for those who have enabled tasks, but again it would only support days and not specific times, would that be worth it.

  • @Jason Using tasks on a daily basis it would be completly fine with me having the ability to add 'all day tasks' for a start. Maybe you can expand it with times in the future once the Tasks API supports it.

  • Hi Guys, the google tasks do not pop up as the events? Am I doing something wrong, or this is still not an option?

  • Would still love to see this option, especially now that the task is receiving more attention from Google and seems to be completely integrated into Calendar for daily use.

  • edited March 4

    @DirkSchröder I've had to push large performance and safety updates recently which bumped all feature requests a bit, but I'll be resuming that development soon now: https://jasonsavard.com/blog/making-extensions-safer-with-manifest-v3/

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