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Yahoo mail right side panel is back



  • Hi Jason. My desktop has 2 monitors, both 4K (3840x2160p). My laptop panel is 1920x1080p. I can try attaching the laptop to external 4K monitor and see if this changes anything.

  • Adding to my above post: I attached the laptop to external 4k monitor, even tried restarting Windows, but Webmail Ad Blocker is working fine on the laptop, not on the desktop. The mystery persists.

  • I have a Dell Optiplex desktop with hybrid graphics, Intel HD 630 and nVidia GT 1030 both running at the same time. I tried changing my desktop screen resolution from 1366x768 all the way up to 3840x2160p (at 60Hz refresh rate) and the screen resolution made no difference with me also. The right side ad panel won't auto-collapse. BTW, I took out the nVidia GT 1030 graphics card (uninstalled the drivers first) and then installed an AMD Radeon RX 6400 graphics card, loaded the latest drivers, and again tried all available screen resolutions. Again, same thing - screen resolution and graphics hardware made no difference. I also tried it with just the Intel HD 630 running standalone. Again, same thing... Right side ad panel won't auto-collapse.

  • @Tcstarnes do your desktop and laptop machines use different proxies or connections, maybe different extensions related to connections?

  • @Jason My ISP is ATT Fiber and every device in my house is connected to same network. The desktop is connected via Ethernet and laptop is WiFi (although I did try connecting the laptop to Ethernet and the desktop on Wifi, but no change in results). Also no difference in extensions (both the laptop and the desktop are using Edge with only 2 extensions: Adblock Web Mail and Adblocker Ultimate).

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    @Jason My ISP is Spectrum, 300mps high speed internet and like Tcstarnes all of my devices are on the same network... Desktop is via ethernet and laptop is connected via WiFi. Unlike Tcstarnes, my laptop IS displaying ADs using Microsoft Edge (latest version installed). Also, the right AD pane is not auto-collapsing on my laptop (just like my desktop is doing). I have WebMail AD Blocker version 5.15 installed on everything. Yahoo is probably (a guess) pushing out different versions of their code randomly.

    Jason, I did notice that in a pic that you took of your Yahoo!Mail screen (above message) where you showed us that it's working fine on your computer, that your Yahoo!Mail screen looks different than mine does. Here is a pic of my Yahoo!Mail screen when I first start up my Yahoo!Mail...

    And here is a pic of what the screen looks like when I click the ">" to manually collapse the right-side AD pane. Notice on the upper right that it says, "Upgrade Now" and Jason, I think your screen said, "Subscribe Now". Also, notice the 5 little icons to the right of "Sort" and "Aug 25". They are slightly different icons than the ones (Jason) that you have in your pic in your message above. Different Yahoo Mail code for different parts of the world?

  • @Tcstarnes @YahooMail

    Considering the unreproduceable randomness of this issue, I'll only be able to analyse this issue by remotely connecting to someone's machine.

  • I can volunteer for this. Let me know how you want to proceed.

  • I'm willing to work remotely as well to help find a solution to the "right side" issue with yahoo mail. I run single-monitor chrome on linux mint laptops with relatively low resolutions.

    Another point: I'm using uBlock Origin, and have been able to collapse the entire right panel by selecting the individual icons and blocking them, one by one, and finally blocking the panel. I don't know if it will work for others (the filters created look almost random), but at least you can block it. The manual filters from uBlock Origin seems to have been working fine for a week or so now.

  • @SteveC you say you block the individual icons on the right side with uBlock Origin. But what happens if we want to manually add a new contact, or modify an old contact? Or go into Yahoo!Mail Settings? If we manually block the 6 little icons on the right then they aren't there anymore for us to click on. We'd have to unblock everything in uBlock Origin so we could click on the icons again. No?

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    That's correct, but I never use those icons. I use Google Contacts to maintain my contact list, and haven't had to change my settings in years.

    An easier way to get those icons "back" temporarily would be to turn off uBlock Origin for that page, use the icons, then re-enable it. Simple to turn on/off.

    On one laptop, I was able to just block the panel, and the icons remained. I suppose that would work well for your case. The panel is now smaller in my case, as if Jason's Webmail Ad Blocker was working as it was before.

  • Ahhh, that's a good idea SteveC. I hadn't thought of that... Just turn off uBlock Origin temporarily for that page and then turn it back on when done using the icons. Easy peezy and quick. Thanks

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    @Tcstarnes @YahooMail @SteveC Good news, it seems Yahoo Mail pushed the different version on my local instance and I was able to replicate the issue and fix it immediately and I even aligned the icons in the right tray. This push fix will coming to Chrome first in v5.15.1 followed by Edge and Firefox after some tests.

  • @Jason thanks. I'm glad the push finally got to you so you can see/fix it. It seems that yahoo pushed this out to everywhere now. I just spot checked several counties around the world and all of them have the push now that wasn't there a day or even several days ago when I checked it then.

  • edited September 2023

    @Jason thank you very much! I'll be looking forward to getting the new version push soon.

    Hey everyone, please consider donating/contributing some money to Jason for all the hard work he does. I did. You can Contribute to Jason by (obviously) clicking "Contribute" at the top of this page. Thanks again Jason!

  • @Tcstarnes @YahooMail @SteveC ok version 5.15.1 is live, you can force the update in Chrome with https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    Let me know how it goes.

  • @Jason - I updated to 5.15.1, and the right side panel is now back to the "closed" version with the icons still there. (I turned off uBlock Origin to test). Thanks for the fix, I'm sure lots of people will like it!

    My uBlock custom filter still works when I turn it on, so no "interference" between the two methods.


  • @Jason thanks. I tested and works for me. Thanks again

  • edited September 2023

    Yup, works perfectly for me in both Edge and Brave browsers. I don't use Chrome or FireFox. Thanks again!

  • @YahooMail I use edge also but how did you get edge to update? I did the developer mode and did "update" but the ext won't update in edge. I did this in chrome and updated it fine but not edge. Did you do something else in edge to get it to update?

  • edited September 2023

    @posaune it has not yet passed review for Edge, it can take a couple of days. But you can cheat by installing the Chrome store version on Edge :)

  • @Jason ok yeah I realized that it needs a review but just curious how @YahooMail got it right after you did your fix. I guess the update rolls out in stages?

  • edited September 2023

    @posaune all I did was go into Edge, then turn 'Developer mode' to ON and also 'Allow extensions from other stores' to ON and then clicked on 'Update' to the right of 'Pack extension'. And Edge then updated Webmail Ad Blocker to 5.15.1 immediately.

    And Jason was correct... I installed the Chrome store version of Webmail Ad Blocker.

  • @YahooMail thanks yeah that's what I did but it won't update. I guess I'll just wait a few days, thanks anyway.

  • edited September 2023

    @posaune just 'Remove' the Webmail Ad Blocker extension from Edge. Then go here...

    and re-install it from the Chrome store (linked above). You should get version 5.15.1 then. If not, then do the other steps of turning on 'Developer mode' and 'Update' after you've installed the above Chrome store version.

  • @YahooMail tried your suggestion but still no luck but thanks for trying.

  • Hi Jason,

    Do you happen to have any plans to include ad blocking for AOL?

    Its right pane message "You've hidden ads the maximum number of times today" (and related messages when trying to collapse the right pane) are exactly the same in AOL's web mail client. It makes me think they have the same back-end system as Yahoo.


  • @DuMonde no sorry, although it's been requested a few times I don't have the resources for this particular extension to expand the supported webmail options.

  • I certainly understand.

    Thanks for what you have created!

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