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Yahoo mail right side panel is back

Yahoo mail right side panel is back. Tried on edge and chrome along with incognito but no difference. Also on latest web broswer version as of this posting. It is blocking the ad but right side panel won't stay collapsed as it usually has for many yrs. Thanks so much for a great ext you made that's been useful for several yrs. REALLY hope you can fix this since it's so annoying. See screenshot below:



  • I've had a problem since Monday with ads and the panel back on Yahoo Mail. Commented on another thread. Added Ad Blocker Ultimate per Jason's suggestion. Now I don't have an ad, but the panel is still there. Won't stay collapsed. I too hope Jason gets to the bottom of this mystery!

  • I'm having the same problem as above. No ads are showing, but the right side panel does not expand? Have used this extension for some time and this just started about a week ago. Hope you can find this sneaky little bug. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Jason, hope you can find some time in your busy schedule to make the Yahoo right side panel go away. Thank you! Really appreciate it.

  • @JohnH It's a frustrating issue, because it's still working correctly on my yahoo. Yahoo is most likely still pushing out this change to a portion of users.

  • Yup, this has been happening to myself and all of my friends and relatives who use Yahoo! Mail for about the last 2 weeks or maybe 3 weeks. No ads are appearing on the right but the right side-panel won't auto collapse/expand like it always has for years. We've tried Chrome, Edge and Brave browsers and they're all doing the same thing in Yahoo! Mail. I'm a Systems Analyst, so I've tried reformatting my disk and reinstalling Windows 10 Pro, drivers and all apps and it still does the same thing - right AD side-panel won't auto-collapse like it always did before. Here's the weblink where we get our Yahoo! Mail if it helps...


    Hope you find it Jason. Our family has over 20 Yahoo! Mail accounts and it's happening to all of us now. Thanks bud!

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention in my other message... Try clearing all of your browser cache history and then creating a brand new Yahoo! Mail account and see if you can reproduce the issue. As a last resort, try using a VPN to change your IP/location to fool Yahoo!Mail into thinking you're from a different part of the US.

    Thanks Jason

  • @YahooMail If anyone can share or send me a test account that has the issue, please feel free to do so, otherwise I'm not seeing the issue with my account.

  • As I mentioned, I "think" you're going to have to use a VPN (there are a lot of free VPN extensions out there) to fool Yahoo!Mail into thinking that you are in a different location, because when I go into my Yahoo!Mail account here at home (in Florida), then I get the right ad pane issue. But a few of my friends in Michigan are not seeing this issue. So I'm not sure what's going on.

  • @YahooMail I just tried disabling my VPN, but that made no difference.

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    And I just now tried going into YahooMail with my Brave browser and also with Microsoft Edge (with no other ad blockers running except yours - WebmailAdBlocker). And now I'm seeing, still no ADs with Brave browser but the right pane still won't auto-collapse, BUT with Edge, I'm now seeing actual ADs on the right pane. Very, very strange. I don't know what's going on. Yahoo has gotten sneaky with this one.

  • I'm beginning to suspect that Yahoo probably disabled the Ads on Jason's account so that he can't see the issue and such, won't be able to fix it. Very sneaky of them, but smart.

  • Hi Jason. I'm having the same problem on my end. After refreshing my screen (in Firefox) I finally get the right panel to collapse and it will stay that way as long as I don't close YahooMail. However, I decided to run YahooMail in Chrome I get the right panel, and when I get the ">" to collapse the right panel and click on it I get a message from Yahoo mail that says, "You've hidden the maximum number of ads for the day", and then won't allow the panel to collapse. Obviously, Yahoo has changed something to get around your extension and force the ad panel to remain open. Just so you know. I've included a snapshot so you can see for yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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    @Merlin1951 Weird I tried in firefox and it won't stay collapsed like you mentioned. I go to next email and right side panel will come back everytime. After a few emails it won't even collapse anymore until I reload page. Then I can collapse a few times then same thing again...won't collapse until I reload the page. Still no ads though. Same behavior in chrome/edge. I'm on latest browsers for all as well.

  • I noticed that if I use a VPN to connect to a different endpoint (Dallas, Zurich) the right panel will often close correctly, although without the VPN (Colorado/Xfininty) it stays open. Running Chrome on Linux Mint. Perhaps this could be a clue?

  • Here are the url's that I use in my PFSense to block the ads and everything for Yahoo Mail, maybe this will help, if you didn't already have this.






  • Yep, I'm having the same problem as others here. I've tried reloading the page, uninstalling and then re-installing the extension, restarting my system -- nothing appears to work. Been going on for a couple of weeks now. The only difference is that I've downloaded new versions of Firefox -- a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. I suspect the extension isn't working with the new versions. I don't think it's Yahoo, but........anything's possible. I say that simply because Yahoo hasn't had a new version in forever.



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    @Lunasmom Every time someone posts I do give it a quick check, but my Yahoo version is working with my ad blocker, so it's difficult to investigate further.

    I can also tell you that you may not see visual changes by websites including Yahoo Mail are continuously changing the code for multiple reasons including tricking ad blockers.

  • @Jason is it possible if you could try on someone else's computer and do a clean reinstall for all the major browsers and create a fresh test yahoo account to see if you get the issue? Then, sign out of that newly created test account and sign in as you and see if the issue goes away or issue is still there?

    I know you asked above to have someone share their account with you but nobody in their right mind is going to share their email account with you. Not sure why you couldn't just do the test account yourself?

    Have you tried that to see if it could narrow down the cause?

  • @posaune Well let's try another way, can you or someone create a test yahoo account and see if the issue exists. If it does then share it with me and I can work on a solution. I say this because I believe the issue is localized to certain regions.

  • @Jason OK, I'll be your guinea pig...for now. I created a test yahoo account and still not keeping the right panel collapsed. When I click the right arrow to collapse it the right panel comes back when I click on another email. Another important detail is the ads also show even with your ext. With Ublock ext enabled it will remove ad, fyi.

    On the test account I get something new, it pops up msg saying you reached your max hidden ads, which I think some others were getting as well. But weird it won't do the pop up msg on my normal yahoo account.  

    So, basically the right panel still won't stay collapsed on either account...mine or test account. The only thing different on my account and test account is the test one gets a pop up max hidden msg.

    Below is screenshot of the test account and it's on incognito mode with only ublock and your ext on with edge and firefox browsers/lastest version.

    Edge - version 115.0.1901.203 (Official build) (64-bit)

    Firefox - version 116.0.2 (64-bit)

  • @Jason @SteveC Steve I think you're right. I tested with Jason and he's not in the USA. I think? I think right now it's a US thing with yahoo....basterds. I vpn into several NON-US countries and all of them are working correctly except for any USA locations I spot checked.

    So it seems to be location based issue. Are all you having the issue all in the USA? If so, seems that is the issue. Seems Yahoo doing this on US ppl and who knows if they rolling this out to other countries soon?

    So, if you want to get side panel working you'd have to connect to vpn to non US country, then reload yahoo page and then disconnect the vpn. Then make sure you don't refresh page or you'll have to do the vpn reconnect again. Hope this helps until Jason can find a fix.....if it's even possible?

    Jason correct me if I'm wrong on anything, thanks

  • edited August 2023

    Posaune... I agree with you and Jason that Yahoo! has made this 'issue' a localized issue - it depends on your location on whether you are seeing the Yahoo!Mail changed code and therefore whether you are seeing the issue or not. That's why I recommended to Jason in a previous message (above) that the only way he will see the changed Yahoo!Mail code is to VPN into another area of the US. I'm located near Tampa, FL and it's definitely happening here. I think Yahoo! has rolled out several different versions of their Yahoo!Mail code to different areas of the US. So even if Jason fixed one version of Yahoo's new Mail code, it probably won't fix everyone's new version of the code. Yahoo has gotten really, really tricky with this one... They are sending out different versions of their Yahoo!Mail code to different locations in the US. And I "think" Yahoo is randomizing it to. Because I've noticed sometimes (rarely) the right ad pane will collapse normally and everything looks good. But then we refresh the Yahoo!Mail screen (or exit and come right back into Yahoo!Mail) and the problem is there again. Also, some of our Yahoo!Mail accounts are always displaying that "Sorry you've hidden ads the maximum number of times today..." popup, if we click the right-arrow to collapse the ad pane... and some of our accounts have NEVER displayed that popup when we click the right arrow to collapse the ad pane. And all of our Yahoo!Mail accounts are located in the Tampa, FL area.

    Bottom line, it appears Yahoo has several versions of their Yahoo!Mail code they're pushing out to users based on their location - and probably randomizing it to. So this is going to be incredibly difficult (but not impossible) for Jason to solve. The key (I think) is that Jason is going to have to change his location with a VPN to many different areas across the US. We're strongly thinking about just dumping Yahoo!Mail and going with "Proton Mail". If Yahoo wants to play games, then we'll dump them.

    Yahoo is an extinct dinosaur of a company anyway. Now they're trying to force everyone into paying $5 a month for the 'privilege' of using Yahoo!Mail. Every company Yahoo has ever bought, they've run it into the ground.

    • @Jason I see version 5.15 of Webmail Ad Blocker is out. And the Changelog says that it fixes, "Yahoo Mail: Hide empty folder video ads". I currently have version 5.14 and every time I remove version 5.14 from my Brave or Edge browser and then reinstall the Webmail Ad Blocker extension, I always get version 5.14 installed again. Not the new version 5.15

    How do we install version 5.15 ?

  • edited August 2023

    @YahooMail I roll out partial releases to Chrome users first then after a few days i slowly roll it out to 100% of Chrome users, then after that I push it to Edge users and then Firefox. This process is done to avoid pushing bugs out, so I can quickly fix them before and almost no one will notice them.

  • @Jason have you noticed yahoo rolled out the crap to canada and mexico now? Hopefully you see the issue we've all been having. Seems the other major countries are still fine though.

  • @posaune Still working here in Canada and even several parts of the US according to a VPN I tried, it seems very selective.

  • Nice, does the new update you have fix it?

  • @posaune No the recent extension update is not related to this particular issue. You can view the changelog for that: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Webmail_Ad_Blocker_changelog

  • Hello, I just wanted to add my experience here and see if anyone is seeing this. Webmail Ad Blocker is working perfectly on my laptop, but not on my desktop. On the desktop, the side panel is back, and I am using Adblocker Ultimate to block the adds (otherwise the ads appear as if Webmail were not even enabled). Both machines are running Edge with Windows 10 Pro (with all latest updates). The laptop has an i7-9750H with Nvidia GTX 1660ti, while the desktop has i9-9900k with RTX 2080ti. Could this issue somehow be hardware related? How does Webmail work on one machine and not the other? Anyway, just thought I would put this out there for your consideration. Thanks for reading!

  • @Tcstarnes Interesting, can you let me know the resolution of your desktop?

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