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Events Link Opening on the Wrong Account


First of all, love the extension!

Second, whenever I try to open the Google Meet page for any event, instead of going to the Google business account, it goes to my personal Google account; meaning that every time I have a meeting, I need to log out of the landing page and re-open it into my Google business account.

If you multiply this by 5 - 10 events per day, it starts to be really annoying!

Is there any chance I can share a video with you of the bug?



  • Yes, certainly, you can upload it to a website or send it to my email that can be found in the Contact section above.

  • edited July 10

    Thanks for the video, but you seem to opening the meeting from the Gmail website. Can you show me how it is related to my extension? Or maybe the video isn't capturing the whole screen.

  • Ok, can you tell me if the video link works if you click it from the checker plus extension calendar window?

  • This is extension popup window, if you click on a meeting event then you can click join meeting and i'm curious if the account chosen works correctly there.

  • Good news in v33 i've fixed this.

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