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Adding buttons for hours before snooze time

It would be usefull -1h, -2h, -3h


  • Good suggestion, i'll queue this for development.

  • Good news I've added -1h and -2h for now in v32.

  • Hello @Jason ! I would very much love if there was a possibility to customize the times available..

    I often get reminders about events that are tomorrow and day after (my reminders are set up that way) and it never makes sense for me to snooze them for 5m more minutes or so but it would make sense to snooze them till -4h or -8h even. So would be good if could have more of those choices available.

    Now I don't have the reminder window open so I don't remember exactly in my head which options are available but for my practice many of them are not suitable.

    What do you think about developing a feature to customize the default available times to postpone the reminders?

  • @MBlix Hmm good suggestion, you've given me the idea of dynamic snooze times depending on the time of the event. So in other words if the event is far away such as tomorrow, then perhaps the -4h and -8h hours would be offered instead.

  • Yes @Jason, that sounds great, making dynamic snooze times like that would be even more useful!

  • All Day Events have no buttons at all before the event.

  • Unfortunately there is a Google Calendar API bug specifically for all day events with reminders set for 0 days at Xhour: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36755676

    But can you tell me what your default reminders times are for all day events?

    edited July 7

    zile = days

    inainte la = before at

    That is in Google Calendar

  • Ok thanks for the details i'll queue this for exploration thank you.

    edited July 7

    The funny thing is that, some times ago, it worked.

    Maybe with an older version. Or some settings changed.

    I don't know.

  • ok i'll take note of that, regression bugs happen often in programming.

  • Good news v33 with -4h and -8h snooze times.

  • Good job.

  • As we speak, they aren't active anymore.

  • The -4h and -8h are present for me:

  • you see there are 5h left

    but no -4h snooze option

  • Is it possible the event is less than 4 hours away?

    Because I hide the -xh when they have passed there time limit.

    ie. The -2h will also disappear if the event is less than 2 hours away.

  • edited August 29

    oh sorry my mistake I just read your previous 5h left message, ok let me check this again.

    wait it's possible the 5hour left was an estimate, but it actually was a little less than 5h like 4.9h etc. so that's why it would hide it.

  • No certainly it is a bug because it worked for 4 days.

    Even if there are 241' left, the -4h has to be there so even more if there are 300' left.

    Why -2h is working well and -4h not ?

  • Oh I got it, it's because you enabled the Delete button and the snoozes times are pushed and cut off on the left side, ok i'll fix this but i'll have to eliminate some choices because they won't all fit, hmm what to do.

  • Ok this issue will be fixed in the next update, note I will be sacrificing the -10m & -2m to fit maximum of 9 buttons in the top row.

    note 2: if you hide the delete button then you can see 10 buttons and only the -10m will be sacrificed.

  • You are right.

    But don't sacrifice nor -10m nor -2m.

    They are far more useful then -8h and -4h, because they are nearer to the event, which sometimes could be crucial.

    So, you don't have to do nothing for the next update. No sacrifice.

    --8h is anyway invisible and should remain so

    -4h is anyway invisible and should remain so

    -4h might be visible only for those who are hiding the delete button, at their choice.

    In that way, everyone is happy.

  • edited August 30

    Well given there's already -5m, -2m and -1m I figured i could sacrifice the -2, to be honest it was rather recent addition.

    and same for the -10 within the options of -15m, -10m, -5m

    Note that most users don't hide the delete button so they'll only miss the -10m and only if the reminder is more than 8 hours away.

  • You want to say that even when you hide them, it is not permanent?

    They will show back in a dynamically way?

  • Yes that is correct as time runs down and the -8h and -4 options do not apply anymore, then the -10m and -2m are re-inserted.

  • Marvelous.

  • I think I solved the problem, simple and clear.

    If I use

    you don't have to sacrifice neither the delete button nor any -xh/-xmin because the image is greater and fits.

  • I saw that -10m vanished.

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