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So this isn't quite for Checker, but Gmail in general.


I often move my Gmail window across multiple screens and split it in half across my 4K display. However, this results in the content being smooshed and requires me to manually toggle the split mode. Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide a built-in hotkey or a way to set up a hotkey for this purpose.

I attempted to create my own extension to address this issue, but I encountered difficulties injecting HTML into Gmail to force the necessary updates. It seems that the way Gmail is built restricts manual updates.

Therefore, it would be extremely helpful to have a feature like this that can be toggled on or off. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, existing applications that offer this functionality, or even an overlooked hotkey that might already exist within Gmail.

I would be interested in any suggestions of an exsiting plugin or solution that can automatically detect the width of the browser window and toggle the vertical/horizontal split mode of the Gmail viewer accordingly. The purpose of this request is to enhance the user experience when using Gmail on multiple screens or different display resolutions.


  • If the browser window is narrower than it is tall, the viewer should automatically switch to a horizontal split mode.
  • If the browser window is wide enough, the viewer should switch to a vertical split mode.
  • The split mode should dynamically update as the window width changes.

Thank you in advance for considering my request. Your efforts in your extension would have greatly enhanced the usability of Gmail for users like me.

Thank you for all the amazing support along with this supportive community!


  • It should be possible with an extension although I'm not exactly sure of the visual result you want without some screenshots.

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