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Error deleting emails in Opera

From the very update of the plugin to version 24.0.4 in Opera, not always, but sometimes if I delete an e-mail, an error pops up, the screenshot of which I insert. Then the mail in the inbox is marked as unread, not deleted (probably because I opened it first). In Opera, I didn't change anything in opera://flags/


  • This has been an elusive issue because it was hard to replicate it, have you tried this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Conversation_View_issue

    1. Thread view has been on for a long time.
    2. From the very beginning of using this plugin, I have my accounts added

  • Most likely this is related to a sync issue as you stated, if there were easy steps to reproduce it I could try finding a resolution. I'm assuming I would just catch the error and ignore it as the email is probably dealt with previously.

  • "I'm assuming I would just catch the error and ignore it as the email is probably dealt with previously."

    No, the mail was not opened directly in Gmail or deleted before. Only I have access to these mailboxes. And I open emails and then delete/leave them marked as read from your plugin because I just don't want to open several mailboxes in separate tabs or switch between them. So yes, for some reason this plugin sometimes (not always, sometimes) can't delete an email. I just don't know why.

    I'm not sure, but it seems to me(!) that this error never affected the first email in the added list. I guess it can only appear in subsequent boxes.

  • I have added 5 accounts to the plugin. And this error most likely(!) concerns the last two. For the test, I moved even the penultimate account to the first place and the error did not occur.

  • However, the order of the accounts is a misleading clue. I reversed the order of the accounts and this time the error occurred on the second account (which was usually second to last). Unless in the plugin files they have a separate permanent ID (e.g. assigned according to the order of addition).

  • The original order ids should not be maintained, but you could test this theory by readding all the accounts in the order you want.

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