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Auto Resize of Pop-up Window

I've enabled Auto for Notification Window Size, and it worked for a couple days and then quit - in order for me to access details, I have to manually resize the window. How do I make this work again (Maximize is way too big). And it worked great, when it worked.


  • Can you send me a screenshot of the issue for reference.

  • Here's a screenshot:

  • The Google meet link gets pushed down, and to get to it I need to increase the width of the window. Expanding the pop-up window down doesn't work.

    About 50% of my notifications aren't big enough.

  • edited May 2023

    Ah great example I can see that event has lots of fields filled in. I'll work on a solution but I may have to prioritize visibility of certain fields at the expense of others. Even the calendar name seems lengthy.

  • Title and the Google Meet link is the most important part to me.

    I don't need the (Nikki Kuhlman | nikki@jumpfly.com) line - not sure what that is. Organizer maybe?

  • Good news in I've decluttered this in the latest v32.

  • Can you go into the extension options and see which version it's indicating at the top.

    Note you can force the update with this: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • ok 32.0.2 has my latest fix if you notice the issue again on that version let me know.

  • Still no luck:

    This is the one from this morning.

  • Hmm, ok can you give me a screenshot of the event details of this event from google calendar, so I can try replicating it on my end - something similar to below...

  • ok excellent i'll queue this again for development, it's possible this event had different but plentiful fields that again would have to be prioritized to fit in.

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