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New email notifications and replies

Not sure if it can be adjusted or I'm missing a setting but here's what I'm seeing -

Say I have an email from a coworker that I don't read and multiple people are involved. If someone replies, the popup notification shows me the original, unread email and not the reply. Any way to change this so that the newest unread response is shown in the notification?


  • Can you try switching to the manual add and let me know if that is resolved. https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • Trying it now and will let you know if that takes care of it.


  • That definitely helped. Now though, when I click on the notification, it opens the first unread email, not the one that generated the notification.

  • Hmm could that be debatable, as you have not officially marked as read the previous emails I presume?

  • Correct, I had not marked them as read. When I click the notification, it does mark the newest message as read, but opens up the oldest 'unread' message.

  • I'm wondering if it should still open the oldest unread message, because the extension doesn't know if you read all the previous notifications, so users could miss the the previous conversation.

  • If that's by design, I guess so be it. In my head, I feel if I click on a notification, I should get to the message that generated the notification.

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