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Fetched activity shows BUSY instead of actual title


When the app fetches an activity from a different linked calendar, it does not fetch the title. Instead, the title is displayed as "BUSY". (See red activity in the image above)

I must COPY the event to the main calendar to change the title. (See blue activity in the image above)

I reinstalled the extension, but the issue persists.


  • That's because when you or someone else shares a calendar, they can specify to hide details or show all details, you'll have to just change the permission in the google calendar sharing options, example below...

  • Hey @Jason. I've just started experiencing the same issue. And yes, this is related to the share options. It's clear, we can do nothing with the title in this case. But there is an issue with how your extension deals with such events. I can see the event in the popup (including the event time), but I don't see it in the extension button tooltip. And I don't see the event time in the button badge (it shows the next one). Also, there is no notification about such an event. Is it something you can fix?

  • @Roman Ovchinnikov Yes! Just do a search for "busy" in the extension Options :)

  • Oh, nice. It solves the first 2 things. Will it also work for notifications?

  • Good question I think it will, but give a try to let me know.

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't work for notifications.

  • Can you confirm there are reminders set in your Google calendar for these busy events? Or at least for the calendar they belong to.

  • Yes, there are. This is a recurring event that was working usually before (until the policy was changed a few days ago).

  • Oh I just realized Google Calendar does not let us set notifications at all for "Busy" events.

    So hence why my extension can't support it either.

  • Ok, I got it. It looks like using multiple accounts is the best option for me. Thank you, Jason.

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