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Pop up notification window some functions not working on Opera browser

Hi Jason, thank you for this amazing extensions, unfortunately I use Opera browser, and when I get the reminders, the top bar three buttons doesn't work, I cannot click on dismiss all, or snooze all or click on the settings on the left, do you thing you can make that to work on Opera browser?


  • This looks indeed like an Opera bug preventing anything from being clicked for the few lines of any popup window, I'll see if i can find a workaround like pushing all the content down.

    Thanks for reporting it.

  • Thank you for the quick respond, ;)

  • Hi, any update or temp workaround about this problem? Thank you

  • It's in the queue although any workaround won't be pretty because it would mean lowering all the content and leaving a blank unclickable space at the top. I'm hoping more that Opera will resolve this before I get to it.

  • @Jason I understand, anyway I am planning to switch to Brave, :)

    Thank you

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