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Cant seem to find any hotkey to work

edited April 2023 in General

I am currently using alt+w, but even that doesnt work on all sites. aaaaaaaaaa I am talking about recent tabs extension!

Can you pls help me?


  • Yeah it's a bit out of my control unless you add a 3rd shift/alt key combo.

    Personally I use Ctrl+Tab with autohotkey as mentioned here:


  • edited April 2023

    OMG i dont want to install 3rd party programs etc. wow how do i create batch file for this? I have chronic pain... If you have time...

    PS: dont understand browsers dont have even so basic functionality it is joke... dont have time for every small thing every time...

  • NEver mind i used registry to remap alt+w to cltr+shift+1 i don't like installing too many programs...

  • edited April 2023

    Omg omg omg, alt+w remapped to cltr+shift+1 also doesn't work on all sites. What hotkey i should use? Please!!!

    I really like this addon except it could cycle also backwards, but you can click on it, i don't complain :)

  • How to achieve this with autohotkey v2?

  • edited April 2023

    What doesnt work even using autohotkey i tried so many different shortcuts, while it used to work from alt+w to ctrl+shift+1, but randomly stopped working wtf! And there is no hotkey in chrome set! Absolutely no hotkey works now, alt, cltrl, shift, f1,f2, anything... while it works in windows hmmmm

    WORKS NOW WITH AUTOHOTKEY, but doesn't let me cycle tabs, instead tab preview shows again and switches about 1 tabs, I can't cycle pressing w when holding alt. It used to work when remapping alt+w to cltr+shift+1 in regedit tho :(

    OMG this is my personal hell, chrome devs are joke, can't even cycle recent tabs in 2023, all browsers still have UI from year of 1999...

    What hotkey do you use autohotkey???

  • I use this script with AutoHotKey:

    ; Map Ctrl+Tab to Ctrl+Shift+1 (which you can setup as the extension shorcutkey for Recent Tabs)

    ; ========

    #IfWinActive, - Google Chrome

    ^Tab::Send ^+1


  • edited May 2023

    But i need cltr+tab for switching tabs to the sides! Can try with other hotkeys tho thanks, hopefully this will help...

  • edited May 2023

    This doesn't work also in AutoHotkey 2, i don't like using outdated sw!!!

    Even with removed #ifwinactive

    3 hotkeys don't work

    But also shift+1 doesn't work OMG aaaaaaaa

    I tried many others but only cltr+shift+1 works, but most commands want autohotkey v1. I also thing it would be prudent to simulate by pressing alt - cltr+shift and then only if alt is pressed remap w to 1... Otherwise hotkey doesn't work, i tried other autohotkey v2 script and it was sending it only once (whole shorcut), but i wasn't able cycle by pressing w. And i have headache i can't even read, and autohotkey manual is terrible... Doesn't explain how to send multiple hotkeys... I have even v2 documentation open it says it wants v1...

    OK this is absurd! i downloaded autohotkey vs! But same it acts like cltr+shift+1 is pressed all over again once, can't cycle with w. I have no idea how to do this! And I can't read through autohotkey documentation...

  • Same even cltr+shift+1 works on some sites (even when i click on them). E.g. works on some reddit tab, but on other doesn't... Doesn't seem addon itself works reliably :(

  • I use method #1 which is more reliable because it doesn't have deal with the active website to capture the registered key.

  • edited May 2023

    I found better addon, unfortunately 2 tabs are not much :( Thank you for trying nevertheless! It is called pop up tab switcher, but not sure if it works yet! This drives me absolutely INSANE, browsers can't even cycle recently visited tabs, it is so basic core feature and it saves so much time! Browsers UI didnt really change much since IE there are even studies about that... And installing addons is really cancer... We have AI, but browsers can't even cycle recently visited tabs, how one can work like this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Problem is i surf really a lot, maybe if you have dozens of tabs only... I Am working a lot, even 1 thing can quickly generate 100 tabs for me,,,

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