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Notifications only work if Chrome is in the background.

After a reinstall of Chrome, Checker Plus notifications aren't working. I've tried removing and reinstalling the extension.

When I disable the Chrome flag #enable-system-notifications, notifications work – but only if Chrome is in the background. If I click the bell button to send a test notification and then switch to another app's window, the notification pops up. A notification does not appear unless I switch to another app. The setting "Do not show notifications if a Gmail tab is open" is not selected.

Have you encountered any issues like this before?


  • Bizarre, I would reset all your chrome flags (most likely playing around with them created the issue) and then try that notification bell test again - it should popup immediately - assuming you have at least 1 unread email.

  • Reset all flags and relaunched, but the notification doesn't appear even when Chrome is in the background. I disabled the #enable-system-notifications flag again, and the notification now appears when Chrome is in the background.

    On a Mac, btw. I've needed to have that flag disabled for several months in order for Checker Plus rich notifications to work.

  • I just tested it on a mac and rich notification displays as soon as I click the bell notification.

    Have you played with any Mac settings concerning chrome notifications: System preferences > Notifications > Google Chrome

  • When the Chrome notifications are turned off in System Preferences, the Checker Plus rich notification appears when Chrome is on the background. When Chrome notifications are turned on, no notifications. It's bizarre!

    It has to be a Chrome issue. Maybe I'll try a full reinstall of Chrome and the extension again at some point. Just wondered if you had ever encountered something like this.

  • edited April 2023

    By the way, the button shakes and chime sounds when I receive an email. Just no notification banner unless Chrome is in the background.

  • I've known of notifications issues outside of my extensions influence, generally solved by computer restarts or browser updates.

    Just for reference when you say in the background, you mean another window had focus, and therefore not the browser.

  • Yes, that's right – if I switch to any app (even a small Stickies note) so that Chrome is no longer the window that has focus, the notifications appear. It's the weirdest thing.

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