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Dracula Theme

I was looking around the themes to see if the applications sported a Dracula them: https://draculatheme.com/

I found a theme titled "Darcula" and was wondering if it was a typo. Regardless the color scheme of that theme doesn't seem to match Dracula's at all: https://draculatheme.com/contribute

If there's no "valid" Dracula theme, I would love to make one. It is really easy on my eyes. :)


  • Sure you are welcome to use the Custom button to create your own and then share it with me.

    Note many of the themes have been shared to me and then listed in my extension for everyone to use. Most likely Darcula was one of them. I believe it's a play on words for a "dark" theme "dark-cula"

  • I appreciate the quick response!

    In that case I will get to work and try to have it done in a couple days. Just need to find the time but I will manage. :)

  • Darcula is a dark theme from Jetbrains IDEs which is not related to the Dracula family of themes.

    How is the Dracula theme coming, @CovertDuck ?

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