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Background / fill color

When drawing circles or rectangles, or when deleting content, it would be awesome if we could get the fill color of the shape or the background color of exposed canvas on delete. Sometimes I am deleting something or drawing a shape on what is already white, and thus it is very hard to see or point out what I'm showing.


  • I'm having just a little bit of difficulty understanding this one, can you demonstrate this one somehow with a screenshot.

  • edited April 2023

    Sure. I want pic1 to look like pic2 :)

    I'm okay if I use the shape tool to draw the rectangle and set the fill color (right now the color set is used for the border essentially and there is a transparent fill), or if I use the delete tool and set the background/canvas color that should fill in where I delete (currently white).

  • Ok, great sounds easy enough, i'll queue it for development, thanks.

  • Good news v13.1 has the fill option.

  • Perfect, thank you!

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