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Every time another window pops up it closes out my e-mail

Every time another window pops up it closes out my e-mail, then I lose the e-mail buried within all the other ones having to open it in the browser, and have major trouble finding it. It would be nice if the emails would stick on the screen or there was a button for when you're finished reading it instead of something popping up and closing it out. I find it very difficult with my work with this problem and it would be delightful if it could be fixed or if I could even have a tip on what is causing this. I absolutely love the apps and I have donated just to show my extra appreciation for your hard work I know coding isn't simple for me anyways but you make it look so much like eating cake. But again my main window always vanishes if an always-on-top app pops up or I click off it for a second and it's just gone, poof. I've noticed this problem over a while and I don't know how to fix it myself as I have developmental disabilities. How would I keep that window from disappearing if I click off it just for a couple of seconds to do something without it fading away I appreciate everything you do and would love to hear back from you absolutely fantastic work buddy I love all the new updates and look forward to future developments


  • Are we referring to the checker plus popup window that keeps closing when another window popups up?

    Can I ask what is this other window that inteferes?

  • Hey, Jason great to hear from you first of all love your software it helps me with all my anti-fraud needs dealing with these endless scammers and telecommunications companies to shut off numbers. Anyways when I get a phone call the always-on-top feature makes my emails disappear while reading them on call inbound using "Microsip" that app has an always-on-top feature and all calls make the emails drop. Another thing I was wondering if there's a feature embedded in the software to prevent that as I lose the e-mail in my bin full of non-compliance orders it's just a heyday. And I was hoping maybe we could talk about building some anti-fraud software that could benefit a lot of people, especially those that don't know what they're doing in that area. I chip in every month that I can be existing on disability it's quite tough but you know you deserve a good pat on the shoulder you're fantastic buddy I love your stuff keep up the innovations maybe we can talk about that anti-fraud software it's just a small Python project really I am a computer engineer in VoIP technology but nonprogramming so maybe we could trade skills as I know that you're not a scammer and I would be happy to provide you phone service anytime.

    Thank you again check out our website https://www.teamaurora.xyz

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